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City College Fellows

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 Eseosa Aiwerioghene 

Eseosa Aiwerioghene was born in Nigeria and moved to New York City after completing his high school education. After completing his BS in Biochemistry, he plans to pursue a PhD in Immunology. He spends time mentoring underrepresented college and high school students, and when ... Read More >>>


 Jose Benjamin

Joestin is a Political Science major and public policy minor. A passionate advocate for all things international, political, and legal, he has devoted his academic career to the study of interstate relationships and the legal framework within which both state- and non-state actors ... Read More>>> 


 Shaila Bora 

Shaila Bora was born in Glens Falls, New York. As a young adult, Shaila developed a passion for classical dance. This passion culminated in her first international tour to Russia at the age of 15 and her immediate relocation to New York City weeks after graduating from high school ... Read More>>>


 Megan Candolfi

Megan Candolfi is a Psychology major who minors in Anthropology. Her interest in the global epidemic of mental illness and her desire to help and care for others—both human and non-human animals—have led her to aspire to pursue a career in Clinical Psychology ... Read More>>>


 Dilenny Cisnero

Dilenny Cisnero was born in the Dominican Republic and arrived in New York at age six, when she began first grade. She is very family oriented;she hopes that everything she does and accomplishes will make her family proud. During her freshman year at CCNY, a course  ... Read More>>>


 Christopher Colon

Christopher Colon, a Brooklyn native, is interested in studying social constructs that impact minorities. Using sociological methods, he hopes to gain a deeper understanding of problems like mass incarceration, the war on drugs ... Read More>>>



Shay is a spunky girl from Texas. Two years into her studies at Southern Methodist University in Texas, she still had no clue why she was in college. Finding her job at the time to be more fulfilling than school, she stopped studying to focus on her career at a Christian non-profit ... Read More>>>



Luthfunnahar Dewan (aka Dina) was born in Bangladesh and immigrated to the United States with her family at age seven. When she came to CCNY, an introductory psychology class awoke in her a love and passion for the subject. She is most fascinated by the power of ... Read More >>>


 Yasmine [Mina] El Gheur

Mina El Gheur was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, but later relocated to a sleepy little town in the suburbs of New York where she attended high school. She was overjoyed to return to her beloved Brooklyn and to begin her academic endeavors at City College, where ... Read More >>> 


 Karim Elhaies 

Karim Elhaies' academic journey started when he moved from Egypt, where he grew up, to New York, where he enrolled in the City College of New York.  After a semester of engineering classes, he made the decision to make study of the humanities more than just his free time occupation, so he declared ... Read More >>>


  Joel Engelman

Joel Engelman was raised in Brooklyn, NY in a Hasidic family with six siblings. He has devoted much of his adult life to raising awareness about child abuse by advocating for adult survivors of child sexual abuse. He has lobbied state government and city officials and set up ... Read More >>>


 Maria Gavrutenko

Maria grew up in Russia, where she started an undergraduate degree in international relations.  At the age of 20, she visited New York on a student summer travel program and decided to stay in the US. Maria wanted to continue her college education, but she was no longer interested in ... Read More>>>


 Ivette Gomez

Ivette Gomez was born to Dominican immigrant parents and raised in New York City. She started her academic journey in community college before transferring to CCNY to continue her study of English literature. She is fascinated by the relationship between literature and society. She believes that the portrayal o ... Read More>>>


  Jerry Guillaume

Jerry Guillaume is a BA/MA student in history. Growing up in the Brooklyn public schools, Jerry discovered his talent and passion for history during his first semester of high school, when a gifted teacher ignited his passion for learning. At BMCC and now at CCNY, Jerry has ... Read More>>>


 Zachary Hayworth

Zachary Hayworth is pursuing majors in English and Comparative Literature with minors in French and Italian.  His research examines the transition between Enlightenment and Romantic thought in Europe by exploring the relationship between philosophy, politics, language ... Read More>>>


 Nadia Hossain

Nadia was born and raised in Queens, New York. Although she entered CCNY intending to major in International Studies, she changed her major to History when she found that her History courses helped her to develop analytical skills and to contextualize current events.  Nadia is especially drawn to... Read More>>>


 Samuel Inniss

Born in Guyana, Sam moved to America with his family when he was ten years old. The plan was to live a better life in the land of opportunities, but things did not work out that way. He lost his father, an Electrical Engineer and the major breadwinner of the family at that time ... Read More>>>


 MD Kabir

MD Kabir was born in Bangladesh and moved to America at age 12. MD always had a passion for helping others and wanted to become a doctor. But upon entering City College, he discovered an interest in research and declared a major in Chemistry with a Biochemistry ... Read More>>>


 Angelo Laine

In March 2010, three months after the terrible earthquake that devastated his country, Haiti, Angelo moved to the United States. After he entered CCNY, his career goals shifted and he gave up pursuing medicine in favor of the study of Psychology. Participation in the 2013 CUNY Summer ... Read More>>>


 Ivana Lazaroska 

Ivana was born and raised in Macedonia, but has been a New Yorker for the past ten years. Various political thinkers and revisionist historians have shaped her educational path and academic aspiration during her time at CUNY. As a double major in History and Political Science .... Read More>>>


 Tamra Lepro

Tamra was born in Idaho and spent many years living in various parts of the United States. After settling down in New York in 2009, she applied to City College to continue her education. Coming in as a transfer student with a Psychology major, she knew that she wanted to explore issues of ... Read More>>>


 Lukas Lindwasser

Lukas Lindwasser was born and raised in New York City. He had no sense of direction academically until he moved upstate in 2010 (because of complications with his mother's auto-immune diseases). There, he started to pay more attention to school and by his senior year of high school ... Read More>>>


 Conor McGlone 

Conor McGlone found his way to Sunnyside, Queens by way of Falls Village, Connecticut. He initially left school to make music, but after a year, enrolled in CCNY to study English. Here he finds fulfillment similar to that which he sought through the drums, in the rhythmic, melodious grip of good word-work ... Read More>>>


 Bilha Njuguna

Bilha Njuguna grew up in Nairobi, Kenya. She is an English major whose research interest lies in the postcolonial literatures of Africa and the Caribbean, and focuses on themes of identity, alienation and the global. She draws inspiration from the classic works of ... Read More>>>


 Seyed Noori

Ali (Seyed Alireza) Noori, a native of Iran, left his homeland for Ireland at the age of sixteen. He attended schools in the cities of Galway and Dublin before he relocated to New York City where he enrolled at a small liberal arts college to study Psychology ...Read More >>>


 Jonathan Perlow

Jonathan Perlow is a mindfulness practitioner and a Psychology major. He has a degree in Audio Engineering and previously had a music production and songwriting company. When he became disillusioned with the unfulfilling career path that the music route was taking ... Read More >>>


 Jose Ramirez

Born in El Salvador, Jose Ramirez immigrated with his family to the United States as political refugees in 1981. As a refugee of El Salvador's civil war, he has a deep interest in the history of Latin American politics, especially from the Cold-War era to the present. Participation in a January 2015 study ... Read More>>>


 Joel Sati

Joel was born in Nairobi, Kenya in June 1993 and moved to the United States at age nine. In 2013, he transferred from Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland to CCNY, where he is a Skadden Arps Scholar. Outside the classroom, Joel has campaigned for passage of the Maryland DREAM Act ... Read More>>>


 Sara Seweid

Born in Egypt, Sara moved to New York City at the age of two.  Although she started her college career in a small private college in a pre-dental program, she realized that dentistry was not her passion.  A year later, she transferred to CCNY and declared her major in Psychology ... Read More>>> 


 Lediona Shahollari

Born in Korçe, Albania, Lediona immigrated to the United States with her family at age two. Pursuing a dual degree in history and political science, she discovered a strong interest in Cold War politics, ethnic cleansing, forced population transfers, and genocide. Her research focuses on understanding the interaction between refugees and states in the ... Read More>>>


 Samina Sirajuddowla

Samina Sirajuddowla is pursing her BA/MA in History with a concentration in South Asia.  She aspires to produce and publish new knowledge about the history of the Indian subcontinent while engaging in discussions of larger contemporary moral, political, and cultural issues ... Read More>>>


 Vannessa Velez

Vannessa Velez, a native New Yorker, moved down the eastern seaboard to attend a small liberal arts college in Atlanta. Initially determined to stay far from undergraduate research, she was successfully wooed after winning a competitive fellowship to study Holocaust memorials ... Read More>>> 


 Chun Biao Wang

For Chunbiao Wang, emigrating from China to the United States in 2009 was an exciting transition. As soon as he arrived, he began to seek opportunities that could help him to adapt to and settle into American society. As he waited for college acceptance letters, he actively searched ... Read More>>>


 Rebecca Wellington

Born and raised in Spanish Harlem, Rebecca Wellington has been influenced by the mix of cultures within her environment. At an early age, she travelled around the Greater Antilles with her mother, who participated in religious practices in the  ... Read More>>>


 Asha Whale

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Asha Whale is currently majoring in History and minoring in Black studies and Theater.  Asha is passionate about education and was a college access and success Fellow in the Partners for Change Fellowship at CCNY. She has also interned in ... Read More>>>


 Alexandra [Sasha] Whittaker

Sasha Whittaker is pursuing a major in art history with a minor in philosophy. Her focus is the history of photography, and her research examines the life and work of the Czech photographer Josef Sudek (1896-1976). One of the aims of this research is to understand ... Read More>>>


 Timothy [Gage] Williams

Gage Williams is pursuing a degree in Philosophy, with a focus on history, aesthetics, and religion. He is particularly interested in philosophical methodology and his research is primarily based on approaches to philosophy modeled after Nietzsche and Foucault. He is also interested in ... Read More>>>