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South Africa Program

City College Fellowships Program

South Africa Program



Two Mellon Mays Fellows Participate in South Africa Program

During January 2016, two CCNY seniors, Alycia Hall (History) and Keevin Brown (English),  participated in a nine-day learning program in Cape Town, South Africa sponsored by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and hosted by the University of Cape Town. Both students are Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellows (MMUF) who aspire to pursue doctoral degrees in preparation for academic careers. They describe their experience as follows:

“When we boarded our night flight to South Africa, we had little idea of the ways in which we would experience the varied realities of race and class that exist outside the United States. The opportunity to exit the African-American and immigrant communities of the U.S., where our blackness defines us, and step into a transnational setting opened our eyes to the complex realities of race and class in a global world. At the same time, we witnessed and learned that socioeconomic and racial inequalities in the still spatially-divided Cape Town mirror realities of race and class we experience at home."