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South Africa Program

City College Fellowships Program

South Africa Program

South Africa Program 2015


Two Mellon Mays Fellows Participate in South Africa Program

During January 2015, two CCNY seniors and English majors, Miriam Abdullah and Tameekia Imani Cooper, participated in a nine-day learning program in Cape Town, South Africa sponsored by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and hosted by the University of Cape Town. Both students are Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellows (MMUF) who aspire to pursue doctoral degrees in preparation for academic careers. They describe their experience as follows:

"No textbook or college course examining the complexities of South African history and culture had ever made us feel so uncomfortable as did direct confrontation with the acute socioeconomic and racial inequalities in the beautiful city of Cape Town. But this uncomfortable direct exposure to the multiple dichotomies that separate wealthy and impoverished neighborhoods challenged us to make a commitment to become agents of social change. As aspiring scholars, we learned that experience outside the classroom in transnational settings is essential for deep understanding of race and class conflict in our global world, and that advocacy must go beyond the walls of academia."