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Scholarships & Awards

Office of Financial Aid

Scholarships & Awards

Incoming Freshmen and Transfer Students

The City College of New York Scholarship Program offers a variety of scholarships to entering freshmen and transfer students. Selection is based on academic merit. In some cases, financial need is an additional requirement.

All incoming students who apply for scholarships must have completed an admissions application to The City College of New York. CUNY Freshman and Transfer Applications must be filed onlineUndergraduate students who are applying for the Macaulay Honors College at City College are automatically reviewed for scholarships and need NOT file the scholarship application.

  • Freshman applicants should have a minimum of a B (85 on a scale of 100 or 3.0 on a scale of 4.0) high school average and a combined SAT score of 1100 (Critical Reading and Math) or 24 on the ACT.
  • Transfer students should have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and 24 credits earned or meet the freshman criteria noted above. Community and/or school service are considered when applications are reviewed.
  • In order to remain eligible, students must maintain continuous full-time enrollment (12 credits or more) and a grade point average of 3.0.
  • Some scholarships may have additional requirements.

Continuing Students

The City College of New York Scholarship Program offers a variety of scholarships and programs for continuing students. To be eligible for the general scholarships, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Departmental scholarships and program GPA rules vary. Community and/or school service are considered when applications are reviewed. Some scholarships may have additional requirements.

General Information

You must file a FAFSA if you wish to be considered for financial aid and scholarships based upon need. You apply online at

Receipt of a scholarship may, depending on the nature of the award, affect the amount of any state and federal aid for which a student may be eligible. If you have further financial aid questions, visit our Financial Aid Office. All scholarships and awards are subject to financial availability.

The City College of New York
Office of Admissions
Wille Administration Building, Room 101
160 Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031

p: 212.650.8716
f: 212.650.6417

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For City College Scholarship Committee Only

City College Scholarship Committee Members, please click here to login to Scholarship Manager.

The City College of New York Admissions Ambassador Program

Who are Admissions Ambassadors and what do they do?

Admissions Ambassadors are not only academic achievers, but are recognized leaders on the City College campus. They generally serve as the first contact, and essential link, between the City College of New York (CCNY) Admissions Office and all prospective students.

Our Admissions Ambassadors come from diverse backgrounds, and are individuals who have:

  • Skills and enthusiasm to present to groups
  • The ability to think on their feet
  • Knowledge of the CCNY Campus

    How can I apply to be an Admissions Ambassador?

    You must submit the attached Admissions Ambassador application, one essay, a resume, and 2 recommendation letters in order to be considered for the program. In addition, you must have a CCNY GPA of 2.8 or higher in order to apply.This is a self-managed application, meaning that it is your responsibility to gather all the required documents. All completed applications (2 recommendation letters, application form, essay, resume and any additional sheets) must be submitted in one envelope. Your application will then be reviewed and you will be contacted for an interview. Please download the application to apply for the Admissions Ambassador Program. You can submit your application in person or by mail by November 7, 2012.


The online scholarship application will be available in late November 2012 for students to apply for the 2013-2014 academic year. Priority deadline for all incoming student scholarship applications is February 1st and current CCNY student and departmental applications are due as noted below. Current CCNY students MUST complete the online scholarship application with your CCNY email address using the portal login below. Please do not complete the application as a new CCNY student. Current CCNY students may not be considered for scholarships if you did not complete the online scholarship application with your CCNY email address. Please make sure you only have one application in the system.

  • Alumni Scholarships (Deadline: March 15th) - Please complete pages 2-5 of the application. This is only for current CCNY students.
  • Edward I. Koch Scholarship in Public Service (Deadline: February 1st – incoming freshmen only)
  • Art Department (Deadline: April 4th)
  • Housing Grant (Awarded according to funds availability)
  • *City College Kaye Scholars Program (2011-2012 Deadline: February 7th)
  • City College Fellowship (Deadline: May 1st)
  • Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship (Deadline: March 10th)
  • Public Service Scholarship (Deadline: April 16th)
  • Skadden, Arps Honors Program in Legal Studies (Deadline: March 15th)
  • Colin Powell Program in Leadership and Public Service (Deadline: March 15th)
  • The New York Life Endowment for Emerging African American Leaders (Graduate) Fellowship (Deadline: March 15th)
  • Partners for Change Fellowship (Deadline: April 2nd)
  • Community Engagement Fellowship (Deadline: April 2nd)
  • Division of Science (Deadline: March 15th)
  • Grove School of Engineering (Deadline: March 15th)
  • The SSSP/Zitrin Scholar Program (Deadline: March 15th)
  • Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education (Deadline: May 1st)
  • The Isaacs Scholarship (Deadline: March 15th)
  • English Department (Deadline: March 15th)

*Note: If you are applying for the City College Kaye Scholars Program for the 2011-2012 year, please use the paper application. You can obtain an application from the Kaye Scholars website, please click here. Applications are also available outsdie the office, to the left of the door, NAC 6/316.

Incoming Freshmen and Transfer Students

New students can only complete the online scholarship application by joining our on-line community. Log-in or create your MYCCNY page now.

Current CCNY Students

Current CCNY students MUST complete the online scholarship application with their CCNY email address only to be considered for scholarships. Please visit the portal here.

Other Scholarships:

We have created a Useful Scholarship Links page to help you with your scholarship search. Click here to view the list.

CCNY New Era Scholarship minimum requirements beginning the 2011-2012 year has changed to 85 high school average and a 1200 SAT score (critical reading and math).