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Event Facilities

Division of Government, Community, and Cultural Affairs

Event Facilities

Organizations external to the college wishing to use City College facilities will be charged a space rental fee. Currently registered City College student clubs, departments, and organizations will not be charged site usage fees. More information on venues is available here.

Facility Maximum Capacity Rate Non-Profit Rate

Great Hall

1000 $10,000 $7,000

Faculty Dining Room

300 $5,000 $3,500
NAC Multipurpose Room 200 $2,000


Lecture Hall 100 - 180 $1,000


Shepard Hall-250 80 $1,000


Amsterdam Room 75 $1,000


*Aaron Davis Hall 637


**Nat Holman Gymnasium 2,000


(City College Performing Arts Center)

Gregory Shanck
Managing Director of Aaron Davis Hall
(212) 650-5362
Wille Administration Bldg, Room 208
Visit for more information. 


Derek Faucher
Assistant Facilities Director
The City College of New York
Marshak Science Bldg. MR-20
(212) 650-7562

Athletic facilities include Wingate Hall, Gymnasium, WN-106, and the swimming pool.
Visit for more information