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Pathway to Graduation

The General Education Curriculum at City College

Pathway to Graduation

The Office of General Education, as part of the Office of the Senior Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Assessment, provides suggested course planning guides to help students complete their degree requirements within four years.These guides serve only as recommendations and are not a substitute for academic advisement. Therefore, students should consult an advisor before registering for courses each semester.

In general, a minimum of 120-credit hours of semester coursework is required for the baccalaureate degree.  However, more than 120 semester credit hours may be required depending on the major field of study. 

Please select from the appropriate section below to find your course planning guide:

N.B.. These course plans are appropriate for students who started at City College on or after Fall 2013 when the new General Education curriculum, Pathways, was implemented. Students following the previous General Education curriculum, 2007-2012, should consult these guides.