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Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Response Task Force

Health and Wellness Services

Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Response Task Force


The GRPT seeks to promote awareness of resources on and off campus for survivors of gender based violence in the CCNY community and to implement holistic and intersectional prevention programs at the CCNY campus. GRPT’s objective is to be inclusive of all members of the CCNY community and the task force participants will include diverse student, faculty and staff representation. This task force aims to create a culture where affirmative consent is normalized and all students feel safe reaching out for support from the CCNY community.



1.       Convene CCNY stakeholders to develop an action plan on addressing gender violence needs

2.       Educate and inform CCNY on definitions of gender based violence and gender identity

3.       Ensure that members of the CCNY community are aware and have access to campus gender based violence resources for counseling, safety, maintaining confidentiality and on/ off campus reporting options for all cis-gendered, gender non-conforming, and trans identified persons.

4.       Identify needs in the CCNY community relating to gender based violence issues on campus across institutional realms from departments, faculty, staff, athletics, and facilities. 

5.       Plan and implement educational programming and training about both response and prevention of gender based violence. Training topics will include but are not limited to bystander responsibilities, affirmative consent, intimate partner violence, Title IX, Confidential Staff Vs Responsible/Mandatory Reporters, how to respond to sexual assault disclosures, lead “gender orientation” programs for entering first-year students, and gender based violence in the LGBTQ community



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