Resources for Classified Employees

All employees appointed from a civil service list will serve a one (1) year probationary period during which time the employee will be evaluated quarterly.  If the performance of the employee’s duties is satisfactory, permanency will be conferred on the one-year anniversary.



There are thirteen (13) regular holidays:


New Year’s Day

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday

Lincoln’s Birthday

Washington’s Birthday (also referred to as Presidents’ Day)

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Columbus Day

Thanksgiving Day

Day after Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Year’s Eve


Employees also receive four (4) unscheduled holidays (varies from year to year).  The annual leave period of all employees is September 1, 2008 – August 31, 2009.  Employees should use their leave accruals within this period.



Years in Service

Annual Leave Allowance

Monthly Accrual

At the beginning of the employee’s 1st year


15 work days 

1 1/4   

At the beginning of the employee’s  5th year

20 work days 

1 2/3   


At the beginning of the employee’s 8th year


25 work days


2 days plus 1 additional day at the end of the leave year


At the beginning of the employee’s 15th year



27 work days 


2 1/4 

An employee may be excused without charge for a period of up to four (4) days when a death occurs among members of the employee’s immediate family, as provided in the applicable leave regulations.  Immediate family shall be defined as spouse; natural, foster, or step parent; mother-in-law; father-in-law; natural, foster, or step brother; natural, foster, or step sister; natural, foster, or step child; grandchild; any other relative residing in the same household; Domestic Partner of the employee and a child or parent of the Domestic Partner or any other relative of the domestic partner residing in the same household.


Each employee, to qualify for tuition fee exemption, shall:
  1. be a full-time active employee, and
  2. have served full time for at least twelve months prior to the first day of classes, and
  3. meet the academic requirements for the course.  (It is not necessary for the employee to be a candidate for a degree; the employee may be a non-degree student).

Tuition fee exemption shall be offered for courses which are:

  1. in an associate degree program
  2. in a baccalaureate degree program
  3. in a graduate degree program (not to exceed three credits per semester on a space available, no cost basis).

Exemption from payment of tuition fees does not include exemption from payment of non-instructional fees.


For employees in titles in the Gittleson group (CUNY Office Assistants & CUNY Administrative Assistants)
  1. The time required shall be six months prior to the first day of classes.

Tuition waiver forms can be picked-up in Shepard Hall, Room 50 or download here


Each respective Union shall have the exclusive right to the checkoff and transmittal of dues on behalf of each employee in a title which is associated with that respective Union under the terms of the agreement among such respective Unions dated April 3, 1981.  It may be advisable to contact your union to obtain information on additional benefits that may be available to you.


New York City Employees Retirement System

Membership is mandatory for all employees who have completed six months of service in a permanent position in the competitive or labor class.



Information regarding the New York City Health Insurance Program and enrollment forms should be completed prior to the completion of thirty (30) days of employment. 


For more information, please visit the CCNY Benefits webpage or contact:

Ms. Kim Ferguson
Benefits Officer

Shepard Hall, Room 50