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Non-Teaching Full Time Instructional Staff

Health Insurance

For Information regarding the New York City Health Insurance Program and Enrollment Forms, please visit the CCNY Benefits webpage or contact:

Ms. Kim Ferguson
Benefits Officer
Shepard Hall, Room 50

Ms. Elielce Yoesoep
Benefits Coordinator
Shepard Hall, Room 50

Annual Leave

For persons employed full-time in the College Laboratory Technician title series, the HEO title series, and the Business Manager title series prior to January 1, 1988, and all persons employed as Research Associates there shall be 25 work days per year of annual leave.

Persons employed full-time in the College Laboratory Technician title series, the HEO title series, and as Research Assistants on or after January 1, 1988, shall accrue annual leave at the following rates: 

Years of Service

Monthly Accrual

Yearly Allowance

Beginning of the 1st year of service

1 day, 1 hrs., 45 min.

15 Days

Beginning of the 2nd year of service

1 day, 2 hrs., 20 min.

16 Days

Beginning of the 3rd year of service

1 day, 2 hrs., 55 min.

17 Days

Beginning of the 4th year of service

1 day, 3 hrs., 30 min.

18 Days

Beginning of the 5th year of service

1 day, 4 hrs., 05 min.

19 Days

Beginning of the 6th year of service

1 day, 4 hrs., 40 min.

20 Days

Beginning of the 7th year of service

1 day, 5 hrs., 15 min.

21 Days

Beginning of the 8th year of service

1 day, 5 hrs., 50 min.

22 Days

Beginning of the 9th year of service

1 day, 6 hrs., 25 min.

23 Days

Beginning of the 10th year of service

2 day, 0 hrs., 00 min.

24 Days

Beginning of the 11th year of service

2 day, 0 hrs., 35 min.

25 Days

Effective August 31, 1988, the maximum accrual of annual leave for members of the on-teaching instructional staff shall not exceed forty-five (45) working days as of August 31 of any year; provided, however, that any staff member who as of August 31, 1987 has accumulated annual leave in excess of forty-five (45) working days shall have a personal accrual maximum equal to the number of days accrued as of August 31, 1987. The annual leave balance in excess of forty-five (45) working days or in excess of the personal accrual maximum as of August 31, 1987, will be deducted from the employee's accrual balance on each August 31, at the close of business, unless the procedure set forth below has been followed:

1) Not later than March 1, any employee who will have an annual leave accumulation in excess of forty-five (45) days or in excess of the personal accrual maximum unless sufficient annual leave time is taken prior to August 31, shall submit to the head of the office a written request to use such excess annual leave before the end of the current annual leave year (September 1 through August 31). The office head shall, in writing, approve the annual leave request or, if the needs of the office so require, offer an alternate annual leave schedule within the current annual leave year.

2) If the head of the office has denied the request and has not offered an alternative plan or has not acted by April 1, the employee shall submit a written request to the senior executive(s) designated by the President of the College who will, in writing within 30 calendar days of receipt of the employee's request, approve the annual leave, provide an alternate plan for use of the excess time, and, if there are compelling institutional reasons, approve a carry-over of excess annual leave time.

Members of the instructional staff who are employed full-time in the Registrar title series prior to January 1, 1988 and who continue in Registrar series titles after January 1, 1988 shall continue to accrue annual leave at the rate at which it was accrued on December 31, 1987, as long as they remain in Registrar series titles or a HEO series title, except that if the employee is appointed to a higher HEO series title in the rank of Higher Education Associate or full Higher Education Officer, the employee shall accrue annual leave as though such employee had been in a HEO series title on December 31, 1987.

All employees in the College Laboratory Technician and HEO title series who were employed prior to September 1, 1969, shall suffer no loss or diminution of prior vacation privileges, except as provided in Sections 14.2a and 14.9 of PSC-CUNY agreement hereof.

Should a staff member resign, retire, or die, the college will compensate the employee or the employee's estate for the actual balance on record as of the last date of employment. In the case of an employee whose original date of appointment to a full-time position on the instructional staff is January 1, 1988 or later, payment shall be for not more than forty-five (45) days or the actual accrual, whichever is less, unless an accrual in excess of 45 days has been approved in accordance with the provisions of Article 14.9 of the PSC-CUNY agreement.

Sick Leave
Each year you earn 20 calendar days of temporary disability leave exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and authorized holidays and recesses. The unused portions of temporary disability leave can be accumulated to a maximum of one hundred and sixty (160) calendar days. Sick leave is earned only after a full month of service and no accruals are granted for service of less than a calendar month.

Unscheduled Holidays

There are four (4) unscheduled holidays (personal days) during the period September 1 – August 31 of each year. Unscheduled holidays may not be carried over to the next year. Click here for current Unscheduled Holiday schedule.

Bereavement Leave

An employee may be excused without charge for a period of up to four (4) days when a death occurs among members of the employee's immediate family, as provided in the applicable Leave Regulations. When the death in an employee's immediate family occurs while the employee is on annual leave, or sick leave such time as is excusable for death in the family shall not be charged annual leave of sick leave.

Immediate family shall be defined as spouse; natural, foster, or step parent; grand child; mother-in-law; father-in-law; natural, foster, or step brother; natural, foster, or step sister, natural, foster, or step child or any relative residing in the same household and effective January 1, 2004, the Domestic Partner of the employee and a child or parent of the Domestic Partner or any other relative of the domestic partner living in the same household.

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