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Time & Leave for Classified Employees

Human Resources

Time & Leave for Classified Employees

Classified Employees:


There are thirteen (13) regular holidays: 

New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday
Lincoln’s Birthday
Washington’s Birthday (also referred to as Presidents’ Day)
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Thanksgiving Day
Day after Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
New Year’s Eve

Employees also receive four (4) unscheduled holidays (varies from year to year). 
The annual leave period of all employees is September 1, 2009 – August 31, 2010. Employees should use their leave accruals within this period.


Years in Service

Annual Leave Allowance

Monthly Accrual

At the beginning of the
employee’s 1st year


15 work days 

1 1/4


At the beginning of the
employee’s  5th year

20 work days 

1 2/3   


At the beginning of the
employee’s 8th year


25 work days


2 days plus 1 additional day at the end of the leave year


At the beginning of the employee’s 15th year               


27 work days 


2 1/4



An employee may be excused without charge for a period of up to four (4) days when a death occurs among members of the employee’s immediate family,
as provided in the applicable leave regulations.  Immediate family shall be defined as spouse; natural, foster, or step parent; mother-in-law; father-in-law;
natural, foster, or step brother; natural, foster, or step sister; natural, foster, or step child; grandchild; any other relative residing in the same household;
Domestic Partner of the employee and a child or parent of the Domestic Partner or any other relative of the domestic partner residing in the same household.


Employees are entitled  take up to four hours of paid leave in a calendar year for breast and/or 
provided that the screening is performed during regular work hours. The four hours include travel time. This leave is not cumulative and shall be deemed forfeited if not used in a particular calendar year. An absence for this purpose beyond four hours must be charged to employees leave accruals or without pay if none is available. In addition, the colleges may require satisfactory medical documentation to verify that the employee's absence was for purpose of breast and/or prostate cancer screening.