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Council Members

The City College Council for Inclusive Excellence

Council Members

Kathlene McDonald (Chair)
Associate Professor of English
Division of Interdisciplinary Studies

Patricia Ackerman

Michele Baptiste, Esq.
Dean of Faculty Relations and Chief Diversity Officer
Ex Officio,

Ramona Hernandez
Professor of Sociology
Division of Social Sciences
Director, Dominican Studies Institute

Alan Feigenberg
Professor of Architecture

School of Architecture

Bingmei Fu

Amita Gupta
Professor of Childhood Education
Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture
School of Education

Marta Gutman
Professor of Architecture
Spitzer School of Architecture

Karen Hubbard
Professor of Biology
Division of Science
Director, CCNY/ Sloan Kettering Memorial Cancer Center Collaborative

Ravi Kalia
Professor of History
Department of History
Division of Humanities and the Arts

Ilona Kretzschmar

Iris Lopez
Professor of Sociology
Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership

Sherri Rings

Annabel Santana

Jan Valle

June Williamson

David Willinger