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The City College Council for Inclusive Excellence

News and Announcements

Sept. 27, 2012:  Report of The President's Council on Inclusion and Excellence

One of my highest priorities as president is to enhance our efforts to build a world-class faculty – one that reflects the rich diversity of voices, viewpoints, and experiences, of all of our nation, and an increasingly global society.

As you know, a year ago I appointed the President's Council on Inclusion and Excellence, chaired by Professor Charles Watkins, to help us refocus our efforts to enhance faculty diversity and inclusion throughout the College.  Many participated in the Council's effort to understand and describe how our faculty experience working at City College, and helped us strategize about how to make this experience better for everyone.

The result of these efforts is found in the Report of the President's Council on Inclusion and Excellence.  While we have done well on some fronts, the Report reveals that there are too many faculty members who experience City College in ways that are often distinctly and even painfully different from other faculty.  We must, as a community, mitigate this difference, both because basic fairness demands it, and because we cannot become the institution we wish to be while this difference exists.  I strongly believe in the goals and strategies listed in the Report, as I strongly believe that all of you will benefit by addressing the concerns that have been documented.  Read the full Report of The President's Council on Inclusion and Excellence.