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Major Requirements

International Studies Program

Major Requirements

Students majoring in International Studies take a total of eleven required classes:

Four classes, taken by majors in all concentrations

  • INTL 20100, International Studies: A Global Perspective
  • INTL 30500, Social Foundations of International Studies
    • INTL 20100 is a prerequisite for INTL 30500.
  • SSC 31117, Internship Seminar
  • INTL 32100, Senior Seminar
    • Prerequisites for INTL 32100 include: INTL 20100, INTL 30500, a methods class, and a theory class.
    • With permission of the Program Director, students may substitute INTL 32100, Senior Essay, for this requirement. For more information about Senior Essay, visit this page: Senior Seminar/Essay.

One of the following methods classes

  • ECON 20150, Principles of Statistics
  • INTL 31107, Research Methods in International Studies
  • PSY 21500, Applied Statistics
  • SOC 23200, Methods and Techniques of Sociological Research
  • ANTH 24800, Fieldwork Methods in Cultural Anthropology

One of the following theory classes, corresponding to the concentration

  • Culture and Communications concentrators choose either ANTH 20100, Cross-Cultural Perspectives or INTL 31108, Transnational Feminisms
  • Development concentrators take PSC 20200, International Political Economy
  • International Public Policy concentrators take PSC 12500, Introduction to Public Policy
  • International Relations concentrators take PSC 25200, Theories of International Relations

Five advanced electives

Students choose five advanced (20000-level or higher) classees that contribute to their concentration. The five classes must be drawn from at least three different disciplines (in other words, they must have course numbers beginning with at least three different departmental or program prefixes, such as ANTH, ECON, INTL, PSC, SOC, etc.). The Program posts lists of upcoming classes that count toward each of the concentrations on the website:




If you have questions about the International Studies Program, please email:

Dr. Muir, Director, International Studies Program

North Academic Center 7/114
160 Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031