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Program Resources

International Studies Program

Program Resources


-  All IS majors receive individual advising from the Program Administrator each semester, prior to registration, and as opportunities develop for participation in Study Abroad, national seminars, fellowships, and scholarships.

-  International Studies majors are eligible for fellowships administered by the Program to support Study Abroad.

-  The Rosenberg/Humphrey Program, which offers specific courses in public policy, provides financial support and internship opportunities in New York and Washington DC to deserving students, among them IS majors.

-  The Model United NationsProgram, is popular among IS majors who constitute the majority of its participants.

-  The Students Association of International Studies (SAIS), run by students in the Program (but open to non-majors as well), organizes guest lectures, international crisis simulations, cultural fairs,  and offers opportunities for leadership among students.

-  An electronic Newsletter is published by the program

-  When time permits, IS majors are provided training in cross-cultural mediation; this is a valuable skill which prepares them for the challenges they will encounter in their careers.

-  IS majors have opportunities to participate in service-learning programs/internships in programs conducted by the College in such countries as Rwanda and Sierra Leone.

- CCNY's Diplomat-in-Residence is available (in NAC 6/142) to advise on U.S. State Department internships and entry to the U.S. Foreign Service. Every spring semester she teaches Practice of Diplomacy IR B6918, in the Master's Program of International Relations. IS students may request to register for the course (with a 3.0 GPA) with the Program Administrator, Johanna Ureña at