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Program Resources

International Studies Program

Program Resources

    All IS majors receive individual advising from the Program Director each semester, prior to   registration, and as opportunities develop for participation in Study Abroad, national seminars, fellowships and scholarships.

    International Studies majors are eligible for fellowships administered by the Program to support Study Abroad.

    The Rosenberg/Humphrey Program, which offers specific courses in public policy, provides financial support and internship opportunities in New York and Washington DC to deserving students, among them IS majors.

    The Model United NationsProgram, sponsored by the Department of Political Science, is popular among IS majors who constitute the majority of its participants; studentsalso participate in the European Model United Nations at the Hague when funding permits it.

    The Students Association of International Studies (SAIS), run by students in the Program (but open to non-majors as well), organizes guest lectures, international crisis simulations, cultural fairs and occasionally publishes a Newsletter, and offers opportunities for leadership among students.

    When time permits, IS majors are provided training in cross-cultural mediation; this is a valuable skill which prepares them for the challenges they will encounter in their careers.

    IS majors may also receive training in managing cultural diversity and are sometimes called on to assist in the training of new students during New StudentOrientation.

    IS majors have access to a mini-library, kitchen and work tables in NAC 6/293. This is also the favorite hangout for IS majors, where they may meet their friends, kill time between classes, leave messages for friends or actually study!

    CCNY’s Diplomat-in-Residence is available (in NAC 6/293) to advise on U.S. State Department internships and entry to the U.S. Foreign Service.


                                                   INTL.201: A Global Perspective

                               (overview of political theory, international affairs, issues)

                /                          /

        PSC.202                                                                          INTL.305

COMPARATIVE POLITICAL ECONOMY       SOCIAL FOUNDATIONS            or                                  or

        PSC.252                           I



(second core for students                                          (second core for students

 interested in):                                                                        interested in):

Nationalism & Internationalism                          Ethnicity

Political Economy & Development                                Religion

World Environment                                                       Language

War & Peace                                                               Gender

International Ramifications of Technology                     Art, Music, Literature  & Media as forms of

World Trade                                                                communication

Conflict Resolution (political)                            Conflict Resolution (social)

(political)                                                                        (social)




                                                              Internship Seminar

      /                                            /



International Relations                                      Culture & Communication         

International Public Policy                                  Development




                                             Senior Seminar and Thesis/Policy Paper

Study Abroad opportunities


A. CCNY United Kingdom Exchange

Agreements with North London and South London Polytechnics and Stirling University (Scotland). Students pay CCNY fees and receive usual financial aid. Costs include travel, room and board. Credits transfer from the overseas universities.

Contact person: Ms. Joan Newman
NAC 6/207A     Tel: 212.650.6544/5471


B. CCNY Germany Exchange Program

Agreement with Technischefachhochschule Berlin. The program provides a specific curriculum in English which includes the history of Germany, relations with Europe, contemporary issues and the study of the German language.

Contact person: Ms. Joan Newman
NAC 6/207A     Tel: 212.650.6544/5471

C. CCNY Study Abroad Program in Morocco

Offered in collaboration with the Center for Cross Cultural Learning in Rabat, Morocco, this three week program takes place in the winter intersession. It offers one credit of Arabic and a three credit seminar on “Culture, Class and Gender in Morocco.” Field trips to Marrakech and Tangier are included.

Contact person:  Kenneth Yanes, Study Abroad Program Coordinator
NAC 6/293     Tel: 212.650.6906


D. Service Learning in Rwanda Program

This is an internship program that helps the country of Rwanda rebuild its social infrastructure after the genocide of 1994 while it gives students valuable field experience in social and economic problems and issues. The summer program of five weeks offers students internships in government institutions and NGOs. The students live with a Rwandan  family. Up to 6 credits of Independent Study are available.

Contact person:  Dr. Marina Fernando
NAC 6/293     Tel: 212.650.5842

E. Service Learning in Sierra Leone

This internship program is offered in the summer. Students are placed in  a variety of Non-Governmental Organizations such a TIMAP for Justice ( an advocacy program for juveniles) or the Marie Stopes Foundation (which deals with the problem of HIV/AIDS). They may also work in the juvenile justice system. A preparatory course is usually offered in the summer prior to students’ departure, offering 3 credits. Students enroll in INTL 251 on their return, presenting their journals and writing a research paper for the additional 3 credits.

Contact person: Dr. Marina Fernando
NAC 6/293     Tel: 212.650.5842