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Digital Signage Guidelines

Office of Information Technology

Digital Signage Guidelines

About this Guide

The primary purpose of this guide is to help authorized City College faculty and staff create their digital signage within the specifications that work best for our campus displays. This guide will also outline what type of content is suitable to put into rotation on the digital signage monitors. The guidelines given here are to ensure that the content displayed is targeted and appropriate for the entire campus community to view.

Submitting Content for Digital Signage

Content for digital signage may be submitted two ways – by sending content via email to: for campus-wide requests, or to Content Managers for specific areas on campus.  Both methods are discussed in this guide. All content must be approved by the Content Administrator before it can be displayed on any of the digital signage.

1. Digital Signage Rules & Procedures

Rules and Procedures for the City College Digital Signage displays serve to ensure that every campus agency has an opportunity to have their announcements displayed.

  • Please submit your slide set (if applicable: a set is 1 x landscape, 1 x portrait view making a total of 2 slides per event) for campus coverage no later than three days before the date you would like it to start playing.
  • The number of slides in rotation per location can vary.   If your message is for an URGENT notification please let Administrators know.
  • Please review this Guide for using Powerpoint to create your slide.
  • Please send all communications for Digital signage to:

2. Acceptable Content

Acceptable content for digital signage includes student events, activities, and notices. Any material not submitted or approved by an Executive Administrative Office (or their authorized designee) will not be displayed.

3. Submitting Content for Digital Signage

Submit your digital signage content files by sending your attached or shared file(s) to the Digital Signage Administrators (  
All content must be approved by an authorized Administrator (or authorized designee) before it can be displayed on any of the campus digital signage.

Submitting Details for Your Request:

a. Include these details when sending your submission:

Department or Organization:

Contact Name:

Contact email address:

Location and Duration of Slide Rotation

  • Start Date: of Slide: mm/dd/yyyy
  • End Date: of Slide: mm/dd/yyyy
  • Location: Indicate if you want slide in specific location or campus-wide displays (see list below).
  • Digital Signage Locations – (H) indicates horizontal or landscape orientation of monitors and (V) indicates a vertical or portrait orientation:
    1. Shepard Hall Gnd Fl (by Rm 02) (H)
    2. Steinman Lobby (H)
    3. Shepard Hall 1st Fl (across from elevator)
    4. Steinman 2nd Floor (V)
    5. Steinman 2M Floor (V)
    6. Administration Building 1st Floor – Front (H)
    7. Administration Building 1st Floor – Rear (H)
    8. NAC Student Dining Room (2nd Floor) (H)
    9. NAC Main Lobby (H)
    10. Tech Center, NAC 1/301 (H)
    11. CDI 1st Floor (V)
    12. Marshak Lobby
    13. Marshak Cafe (and by elevators)

b. Send your slide(s) to the Digital Signage Administrators ( in one of the two following formats:

  • Images: Acceptable image formats include PDF, JPG, PNG.
  • Image Dimensions:
    • Landscape (horizontal) orientation: 1920x1080 pixels, 16:9 (300 dpi)
    • Portrait (vertical) orientation: 1080x1920 pixels, 9:16 (300 dpi)

4. Slide Design Tips

Here are a few simple tips to make your digital signage content standout:

_ Keep it Simple

Each slide displays for 15 - 30 seconds. If you keep your message simple, it will be easy for viewers to read and remember.

_ Select a Text and Background Color

The background color can add a lot of visual interest to your slide. Try putting light colored text on a dark background or vice‐versa to make your message easy to read.
You can check colors for Accessibility standards here:

_ Use an Image (or Two)

PowerPoint comes with many built‐in clipart images to use on your slide. Do not use too many though, or they could overwhelm your message.
(Please review this Guide for using Powerpoint to create your slide).