FY 2015 Tech Fee Advisory Committee Members

FY 2015 Student Technology Fee Committee Members

Committee Chair

Maurizio Trevisan, Provost Office of Provost

Co-Chair Praveen Panchal, VP and CIO Office of Information Technology

Student Representatives

Kieshorne Dennie, Undergraduate Student Kemakorn Ithisuphalap, Treasurer
Dalia Nazzal, Evening Affairs VP Justin Cruz, Senator
Latchmee Ramnarine, Senator
Adela Gonzalez, Graduate Student Council & Assist. Chair Chukwudi Onike, Graduate, Chair Academic Affairs

Academic Representatives

Gilda Barabino, Dean Grove School of Engineering Eric Weitz, Dean Division of Humanities and the Arts
Juan C. Mercado, Dean CWE and Division of Interdisciplinary Studies Tony Liss, Dean of Science

Faculty Representatives

Nancy Tag, Chair Media and Communication Arts
Prof. Ilona Kretzschmar, GSOE/Chemical Engineering Dept.
Prof. Themis Lazaridis, Division of Science & Chemistry Ph. D. Advisor Prof. Elizabeth Matthews, CWE

Administrative Representatives

Felix Lam, AVP of Finance and Administration Robert Santos, VP for Campus Planning & Facilities Juana Reina, VP of Student Affairs
Deidra Hill, VP for Communications and Marketing

Ex-officio Members

Otto Marte, Project Administrator and Director of OIT Business Services Ivette Rodriguez, STF Coordinator and Assistant to the VP and CIO of OIT

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