FY 2020 Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee Members

Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee Members

The Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee is composed of 27 members, chaired by the Provost, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of Finance, and co-chaired by VP of Operations & Chief Information Officer Information Technology. It includes 12 students recommended by the Office of the Interim Vice-President of Student Affairs (nine (9) undergraduates and three (3) graduates), eight faculty, three academic representatives, and one ex-official member. The Technology Fee Committee is the standing college committee that advises the Office of the President on the expenditures of Tech Fee revenue.

Committee Chairs – Tony Liss, Provost and Felix Lam, VP of Finance (2)
Co-Chair – Ken Ihrer, VP Office of Operations & Information Technology (1)

Student Representatives (12) 
Bryan Wigfall, VP of Campus Affairs
Ahsanul Abeer, Undergraduate Student Representative
Kasson Colon- Mangin, Undergraduate Student Representative
Kenta Little, Undergraduate Student Class Senator
Christopher Henry, Undergraduate Student Class Senator
Dina Elhadidy, Undergraduate Student Class Senator
Hannah Towfiek, Undergraduate Student Class Senator
Jaret Wyatt, Undergraduate Student Senator at Large
Rafaella Smith, Undergraduate Student Senator at Large
Emmanuel Adu Poke, Graduate Student Executive Chairs
Sarah Wemy, Vice President, Graduate Student
Jeffrey Xu, Graduate Student Councilor

Faculty Representatives (8)
Prof. Mark Smith, Humanities and Arts
Prof. Ilona Kretzschmar, Grove School of Engineering
Dean Gordon Gebert, School of Architecture
Prof. Laurent Mars, Division of Science
Prof. Elizabeth Matthews, Center for Worker Education
Prof. Kevin Foster, Colin Powell School
Doris Grasserbauer, School of Education 
Mr. Omar Kabir, CUNY Medical School

Administrative Representatives (3)
Celia Lloyd, AVP for Academic Momentum and Student Success
Wendy J. Thornton, Interim VP of Student Affairs
Charles Stewart, Associate Dean and Chief Librarian

Ex-officio Member (1)
Otto Marte, Project Administrator and Director of OIT Business Services

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