Important Notices from the VP/CIO

The notices listed below are from the Vice President of Operations and CIO, Ken Ihrer. Each notice was also issued as a campus email broadcast. Each notice contains information that has information and resources for students, faculty and staff to access technology for school, work, health and living in our community. Find additional Information Security Announcements.

FALL 2020


CCNY-VP/CIO--NOTIFICATION -Thursday, December 10, 2020
Dear CCNY Community As we continue to persevere through this COVID Pandemic, I thought that I would provide everyone with a gentle reminder of safety protocols here on campus as well as to remind you to take precautions whenever you are out and about. >> View Details 

CCNY-VP/CIO--NOTIFICATION -Wednesday, November 4, 2020
CCNY Remote Access to Adobe, SPSS, ArcGIS, etc.

Dear City College Community The University-wide free student, faculty, and staff access to Adobe Creative Cloud ended on October 30, 2020. To accommodate currently enrolled CCNY students and faculty and staff, some computer labs on campus have been configured for remote access to licensed software, including Adobe Creative Suite, SPSS, ArcGIS, SAS, Rhino, and R+. >> View Details 

CCNY-VP/CIO--NOTIFICATION -Thursday, September 24, 2020
Campus Solutions functions unavailable starting 7:00 pm on Thursday, September 24

During this CS database reorganization, CUNYfirst Finance and Human Capital Management/human resources functions will remain available as will other applications available through the CUNY Login page. >> View Details 

CCNY-VP/CIO--NOTIFICATION -Friday, September 11, 2020
Health Screen Reminder and Update

As per the August 24, 2020, communication from the Offices of the Provost and VP of Operations all individuals entering the campus must have prior authorization do so. Additionally, all authorized individuals must complete the health screening questionnaire - >> View Details 

New Campus Access Procedure

This message provides some important updates to the message we sent on Friday about the new campus access procedure. - >> View Details 

CCNY-VP/CIO--NOTIFICATION - Monday, August 24, 2020:
Discontinuance of WebEx

The University recently made a decision to adopt Zoom as the conferencing platform of choice. >> View Details 


CCNY-VP/CIO--NOTIFICATION: Continuity of Work - June 17, 2020
Working at a distance, while offering new advantages to establish innovative approaches to our daily work, also means adding new contact methods for each of us who work with the general campus public, including new student prospects. - >> View Details 

CCNY-VP/CIO--NOTIFICATION: Important news from Adobe! - cross posted from CIO Team - June 25, 2020
Adobe has granted an extension to continue using the software through August 24th.  - >> View Details 

CCNY-VP/CIO--NOTIFICATION: Protecting Student Information - May 5, 2020
To CCNY faculty- The following is a reminder of our policies and responsibilities to protect student information with CyberSecurity Training.  - >> View Details 

CCNY-VP/CIO--NOTIFICATION: Office 365 Training Schedule through May 2020 - April 30, 2020
CIS Training is pleased to announce that we are offering an enhanced schedule of training webinars on Microsoft Office 365 products through May 27, 2020.  - >> View Details 

CCNY-VP/CIO--NOTIFICATION: Additional Cloud Tools Training Dates and Times - April 23, 2020
CIS training for April 27th to May 1st. We continue to add more sessions, content, dates and times. Please feel free to share with your campus and office colleagues.  - >> View Details 

CCNY-VP/CIO--NOTIFICATION: Schedule for this week's training on CUNY's cloud solutions - April 13, 2020
Please see the schedule below for this week’s training on CUNY’s cloud solutions.  If you have any questions or need additional support, please feel free to reach out.  - >> View Details 

CCNY-VP/CIO--NOTIFICATION: Guidance on Using Zoom - April 6, 2020
The following is a notice from CUNY Computer Information Services’ (CIS) Chief Information Officer, Brian Cohen.​​
Recently, the use of the Zoom video and audio conferencing tool has raised serious privacy and security issues.  - >> View Details 

CCNY-VP/CIO--NOTIFICATION: Device Requests - April 2, 2020
UPDATE: We have now received a shipment of iPads in addition to the Chromebooks and Windows laptops we have available for loan. Please use the link below to make your reservation request.  - >> View Details 

CCNY-VP/CIO--NOTIFICATION: Internet Access - April 1, 2020
We have received an email or survey response from you indicating that you do not have access to Internet services.  - >> View Details 

CCNY-VP/CIO--NOTIFICATION:  Device Distribution - April 1, 2020
You are receiving this email because you have indicated that you need a device for distance learning. In order for you to receive a device, please go to the following link   - >> View Details 

CCNY-VP/CIO--NOTIFICATION: Record a Meeting and Share - March 31, 2020
Dear Faculty, As you look to move your class lectures to an asynchronous format, the Office of Information Technology has developed instructions for how to record and share your lectures with your students.   - >> View Details 

CCNY-VP/CIO--NOTIFICATION: OIT’s Zoom Webinar Demonstration - March 28, 2020
OIT will host Zoom webinar demonstrations to provide a basic overview of key features using the Zoom conferencing platform. Each session is intended to support CCNY faculty with their distance learning instruction and enhance remote operations for administrative offices.  - >> View Details 

CCNY-VP/CIO--NOTIFICATION: Reservation desk - UPDATE  - March 25, 2020
Reservation Desk is now closed for daily operations. For those who are still in need of a device, please send an email to . - >> View Details 

CCNY-VP/CIO--NOTIFICATION: Laptop and Tablet Loaners - UPDATE  - March 23, 2020
This memo March 23, 2020 supersedes all previous memos on laptop and tablet loaners. The IT Reservations Desk will be taking appointments for you to pick up a laptop or tablet, while supplies last - >> View Details 

CCNY-VP/CIO--NOTIFICATION: Laptop and Tablet Loaners - March 21, 2020
This memo supersedes all previous memos on laptop and tablet loaners. The IT Reservations Desk will be taking appointments for you to pick up a laptop or tablet, while supplies last - >> View Details 

CCNY-VP/CIO--NOTIFICATION: Reaching IT During the Crisis - March 19, 2020
A message for Faculty, Students and Staff.Information about: Main OIT Website, Academic Technology Services (iMEDIA), Service Desk, 24 Hour Office of Information Technology Chat Room, Instructional Technology Chat Room >> View Details 

CCNY-VP/CIO--NOTIFICATION: Internet Access - March 17, 2020
With an unprecedented number of schools closing and students across the country shifting to digital learning because of COVID-19, several companies are offering free services for the next 60 days in addition, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and Comcast have announced additional services during the coronavirus outbreak, such as the removal of data caps and waiver of late fees. >> View Details 

CCNY-VP/CIO--NOTIFICATION: Enterprise Zoom for CCNY - March 16, 2020
This announcement is to notify you that our purchase of Zoom Enterprise is complete. Each of you will have access to a licensed copy of Zoom, with the features listed under the “licensed” category below. You can access your own Zoom account by logging in >> View Details 

CCNY-VP/CIO--NOTIFICATION: Blackboard and Distance Learning Updates - March 14, 2020
Anticipating thousands of additional faculty and students who may now require Blackboard 24/7 helpdesk support, CIS is working with University Procurement to acquire third-party services that will complement in-house capacity to support issues related to “navigation within Learn, how to use Blackboard Collaborate,” among other common Blackboard issues that our CUNY community may need help with. >> View Details 

CCNY-VP/CIO-NOTIFICATION: Resources for Remote Instruction and Learning - Notification March 9, 2020
Instruction and learning during a Potential COVID-19 Campus Closing. The City College campus has resources that can be used in the event of a campus closing to continue instruction and learning. Remember that a course instructor who has reason to move a class from in person to on line instruction must receive permission from his or her chair, and chairs should coordinate these requests with deans. >> View Details 

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