Projects in Progress


List of Projects in Progress

1. Development for the Social Science Computer Lounge, NAC 7/120D
NAC 7/120D is a student computer lounge accessible to all CCNY students, undergraduate and graduate.  This space was repurposed in recent years to accommodate students’ need for a space to work, gather, and socialize. To support the academic progress of psychology majors and other students, the Psychology Department has increased its technology requirements across several quantitative and STEM-based classes.  To support students and foster success, they provide a popular peer-mentoring program and tutoring services.  OIT purchased and installed six (6) new Dell OptiPlex computers, a wireless access point, and a printer.  Furthermore, OIT purchased new audiovisual equipment, however, due to COVID-19 school closure, its installation has postponed until the college re-opens. Once it is installed it will allow students to develop their professional presentation skills.  

2. Media Communication and Arts (MCA) Smart Class Projection Upgrades- Room SH 462
The projection systems in SH Shepard 491 and 492 smart classrooms are over ten (10) years old and are not capable of displaying high-resolution projection.  OIT is working with MCA technical staff to acquire and install the following equipment: two (2) Epson PowerLite G7905UNL, two (2) Extron IN1806 Switchers, two (2) Pixie Controllers as well as Long Throw Lenses. The new system will allow for 4K high resolution projection, essential for preparing students for professional media standards. 

Projects On Hold Due to COVID-19 College Closure

The following projects have been put on hold due to COVID-19 college closure.  OIT has already purchased some of the equipment and will resume these projects as soon as the college reopens.  

1. Creative Technology Station in City Art Lab
OIT will help create a technology station in the City Art Lab for students enrolled in the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Culture Art Education and the Art Department.   OIT will install two FlashForge 3D Printers.  Once the project is completed, students will learn how to effectively create lesson plans incorporating current 3D technology in their curriculum. They will also gain essential hands-on experience using technology in art education as they experiment with sample lessons and develop their lessons and art projects using a 3D printer.

2. Digital Signage System to Broadcast Computer Availability  
To provide real-time information on the availability of computers throughout the Tech Center and NAC Computer Lab (Fishbowl), Labstats software usage, which currently provides usages metrics, will be expanded to provide real-time maps.  In collaboration with the Office of Facilities, OIT will also install four (4) large flat panel displays in strategic areas in these labs to broadcast Labstats digital maps showing computer availability.  These digital screens will also display important and useful information for students.

3. Technology Update to Improve Student Experience Humanities and the Arts 
OIT will purchase four (4) Dell Latitude 5501 laptops to facilitate meetings, presentations, and panels discussion; two (2) iPads for students to use during advisement and registration periods; one (1) Macbook Pro for students to review information regarding scholarships, fellowships, and summer research program opportunities; a color printer for making flyers and marketing materials for college-wide distribution.   This equipment will be installed in the Division of Humanities and the Arts three advising offices and common student areas so that faculty, staff, and advisors may present vital information more effectively and students may achieve a better overall educational and co-curricular experience.

4. Tech Center Main Student Lab AV Equipment Replacement
Most of the technology within the Tech Center has not been updated since its opening. The three Classrooms, STC1, STC2, and STC3 host 51, 32, and 35 computer workstations respectively. While our technical staff has done an outstanding job maintaining the systems, since 2011 many of the audiovisual and computer systems have become obsolete, exceeding their warranties and life expectancies. The projectors installed in the three classrooms are reaching end-of-life; furthermore, speakers were not installed in the classrooms. Students struggle to see what is displayed on the screens and instructors often complain that they must shout in order for students seated in the rear of the classrooms to hear.
To improve the audiovisual experience in these popular classrooms, OIT will upgrade the current AV Systems, including technology-enhanced podiums with embedded microphones and ceiling-mounted speakers, instructor computers, wireless VIA Connect Programs, and document cameras. These changes will enhance the teaching and learning experience for our instructors and students.  Projectors will be replaced with lamp-less models that are brighter, clearer, and have a longer life expectancy.  This project will be completed during the winter session January 2020. 

5.  City Central One Stop for Students
The City Central One-Stop “one-stop-shop solution” will serve as the primary point of contact for students, faculty, and staff seeking basic enrollment management services, providing a much more efficient way of addressing the diverse needs of students and faculty.  In collaboration with the Office of Facilities, OIT will relocate the City Central One Stop to the NAC Lobby Area (room NAC 1/205) for expanding this outstanding initiative which was initiated in 2018.
In this new location, the One Stop will function as a central hub for students to receive concierge services delivered by enrollment management professionals.  It is expected to become a fast-paced, high-volume office that provides friendly, quality, and in-person information to students and the community in general. OIT will purchase the following equipment: eight (8) Microsoft Surface Pro laptops, two (2) HP LaserJet Color printers, two (2) Digital Signage displays, two (2) access points (APs), and furniture, such as computer desks, chairs, file cabinets, etc.

6.  School of Architecture Lecture Hall (SSA 107) Audiovisual Upgrade
SSA 107 is the main lecture hall in the Spitzer School of Architecture (SSA) with capacity of 175. While it is primarily used by Spitzer students, faculty, and staff, it is often used by other departments and programs throughout the college. The audiovisual infrastructure is over ten (10) years old and failing to keep up with the growing demands of the City College community.  The goal is to completely redo the AV infrastructure with new state-of-art audiovisual technology which will allow faculty to show videos and share other educational resources with students but also as an environment to provide opportunities for distance learning, hybrid instruction, and lecture capture. Our faculty will also be able to do video conferencing with other universities and organizations in the industry fields. In collaboration with the Dean, OIT will purchase the hardware and software to accomplish this much-need upgrade. 




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