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Wireless Access Point Deployment Policy

Information Technology

Wireless Access Point Deployment Policy

The City College is solely responsible for the installation and management of IEEE 802.11 and related wireless access points at CCNY. Individuals or units of the college may not install their own wireless access points without permission, because these may interfere with the operation of the campus network and introduce security vulnerabilities. Due to these risks, CCNY will disconnect unauthorized access points.
If a unit of the college requires wireless access at a location where it is not already available, a request should be made through the IT Service Desk at 212-650-7878.

Addition of new wireless access points within College facilities will be managed at the sole discretion of IT.

Independent access points must:

  1. Only allow a predetermined list of computers and devices to connect by registering their MAC addresses;
  2. Require WAP/WEP encryption;
  3. Maintain usage logs to document who connected to each access point within the last 30 days, and provide that information to the Office of AVP IT and CIO if there is an incident;
  4. Pre-register the access point with the Office of AVP IT and CIO, providing the contact information for the responsible full time faculty or staff member, the reason for the need of a private access point, access point location, access point details such as the SSID, IP address used on the CCNY network, and its MAC address.

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Wireless Network Interface Cards (NICs) or any other wireless device may not be configured to serve as an access point.

The CCNY Wireless Access Point Deployment Policy applies to all existing access points as well as access points pending installation.

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