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Wireless Access & Locations

Office of Information Technology

Wireless Access & Locations

CCNY Wireless Access & Locations

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To connect to CitiNet, CCNY's wireless network, you will need:

We have retired the old wi-fi infrastructure with the “ccnywifi ” and “ccnywifi -en” SSID’s.
The new names are “ccny-wifi ” and “ccny-guest” (please note the hyphens (-) in the new addresses).

See more information for devices here>>  Citymail (Student Email) and Webmail  (Faculty/Staff Email)





NAC 1 0/ 201 - Auditorium
NAC 1 Vestibule of - 0/ 201, 2, 3
NAC 1 Lobby by security desk
NAC 1 Rotunda
NAC 1 Student cafeteria
NAC 1 Faculty dining room
NAC 1 Next to 4/ 225
NAC 1 South Side (orange)
NAC 1 North Side (green)
NAC 1 South Side (orange)
NAC 1 North Side (green)
Harris 1 Hallway (center)
Harris 2 Hallway (center)
Harris 3 Hallway (center)
CG 2 by Men's room
Shepard Ground Hallway (center)
Shepard 1 Hallway (center)
Steinman All floors All
Marshak 1 J1 - Lecture hall
Marshak Plaza Plaza & vending machine area

If you need assistance please contact the Service Desk or call: (212) 650-7878.


Contact Information

Infornation Security

Service Desk
Location: North Academic Center (NAC)
Room: NA 1/301
p: 212.650.7878