Software Licensing

CCNY Microsoft Campus Software Agreement

City College now has a Microsoft Campus Agreement, bringing the campus into license compliance for Microsoft Office for both Windows and Macintosh, and for the most widely-used services provided by Windows servers on our campus.  The Agreement eliminates the need to purchase or track licenses for MS Office, and allows the most current version to be installed on all College-owned computers.  At this time, we are providing copies of the Campus License CD and license key information to IT Support staff only.

Computers owned by City College 

The Agreement includes, for all College-owned computers (computer labs, offices, libraries, classrooms, laptop carts, etc):

=Microsoft Office Professional : Both Windows & Macintosh, any version; MS Office Professional 2003 for Windows includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, and Outlook.  Macintosh 2004 includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Entourage.  (Note: MS Office for Office 2007 for Windows is scheduled to ship in Q1 of 2007.)  Note: The Windows file format for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are identical for Office 2003, Office XP, Office 2000, and Office 97, and all features are upwardly compatible.  Access 2003 uses the Access 2000 file format by default. 

=Windows Server CALs: Microsoft Client Access Licenses for the core Windows services, including file services, print services, and web services.  Purchase of Windows CAL licenses is often overlooked, but they are required.  The server software still must be purchased, albeit at low academic pricing.  Note that SQL CAL is not included; it can be considered for the future.

= Upgrades of the Windows Operating System.   This applies to any College-owned computer for which a Windows OS (any version) has been already been purchased (usually it's bundled by the reseller, such as Dell.)  If you want to install Windows OS on a Macintosh/Intel computer, you have to buy a Windows OS license for that machine first!!  You can buy the least expensive OS, but since we get academic discount, it may not pay to buy anything other than Windows XP Professional.   Note that the heavily-discounted prices negotiated by NY State and CUNY for Dell computers already includes Windows XP Professional, so we can't save money by specifying Home Edition and then upgrading to Professional for free.  Note: Think long and hard before upgrading a Windows 2000 computer to Windows XP – it may not be worth the time and effort.  IT Support groups will typically not upgrade office computers to Windows XP , as there is usually not enough justification to warrant the time and the risk factor.  They may decide it is worthwhile for entire computer labs, where a common image is duplicated across many machines.

Coming Soon - Home Use License for Faculty & Staff: The same license as described above applies to computers personally-owned by Faculty & Staff.  The Home Use license for Faculty and Staff is not an extra cost item; Microsoft bundles it as part of the Campus Agreement at no additional cost.  This will be available soon-- more information will be distributed via email broadcast.                                                      

Again, at this time, we are providing copies of the Campus License CDs and license key information to OIT Support staff only, for College-owned computers.                         >> back to Software