Student Technology Fee FAQs

Proposals & Funding

Do other schools have a Student Technology Fee?
Yes, all state colleges and universities in New York have a Student Technology Fee.

Who decides what the Student Technology Fee amount is?
The CUNY Board of Trustees.

How do projects receive funding from Student Technology Fee?
A proposal must be submitted for a project to be considered for Tech Fee funding.

What is the Criteria for Project Selection?                    

  • Advance e-learning and improve access to higher education
  • Technology projects that impact the broadest number of students across schools/divisions
  • Post graduate readiness
  • Reduce carbon footprint

What doesn't the Student Technology Fee pay for?
Only those items specifically funded by the Student Technology Fee Committee are paid for with Tech Fee funds.

Who can submit a proposal?
A current student, faculty, or staff member of the college can submit a proposal. While we accept proposals on a rolling basis (year-round), proposals must be received by the designated RFP (Request for Proposals) deadline in order to be considered for funding in the upcoming fiscal year.

How do I submit a proposal?
You need to fill out a 'Solicitation Project(s) Form' for the fiscal year that the proposal covers.

How does a proposal become a project?
The Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee reviews all submitted proposals and recommends which proposals should be funded according to available funds, CUNY's stated Guiding Principles, and the college's Master Plan. Once the committee approves the plan, it is then submitted to the President's Office for further review. Finally, it is submitted to CUNY as the official college Technology Fee plan. Those proposals that are included in the plan become projects in the next fiscal year (July 1st – June 30th).

How will I know if my proposal has been accepted or not?
Once the finalized plan is submitted to CUNY, you will receive a notification via email regarding the status of your proposal. If your proposal was accepted, instructions will be sent as an email attachment detailing how to proceed to initiate your project. If your proposal was not accepted, please keep in mind that funds are limited and, depending on priorities outlined by the committee, may not be available for the next fiscal year for every good proposal. Please feel free to submit again next year!


Does the Student Technology Fee (STF) pay for printing in the labs?
Information about printing in the Tech Fee funded computer labs: Everyone printing from Tech Fee-funded labs will be allotted 1,000 pages per person in the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer periods, as per the table below.  See details>>

  • Print Quotas      
  • Fall/Winter:    1,000 pages
  • Spring/Summer:  1,000 pages

On Campus Presence & Operations

Who is responsible for maintaining the Tech Fee Funded labs?
The Office of Information Technology (OIT) unit of Front Line Services & Information Security Office (FLS & ISO) is  responsible for supporting Tech Fee Funded computer labs and printers. OIT Lab Assistants and staff can offer help to students for general problems encountered (printer jams, saving files, etc..).

Where on campus are the Tech Fee Funded Labs?

In the North Academic Center (NAC):

1.      Tech Center, NA 1/301
2.      Fishbowl, NA 1/501
3.      Graduate Lab, NA 1/207
4.      Undergraduate Lab NA 1/114