The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is responsible for the acquisition and support of technology and communication for the CCNY campus. The OIT website provides access to resources that will help you find the hardware, software, services, available support and relevant user policies and procedures needed while you are on campus.

We provide administrative and academic technology support to aid the college community in achieving their educational goals by providing the necessary technologies that facilitate a quality learning experience. Visit the cITy Tech Center and our Service Desk in NA 1/301 for information about all of our services and personal assistance regarding technology and communication-specific issues. The Service Desk provides first level (Tier One) support for all technical issues. For additional assistance on what OIT has to offer, contact our Service Desk or explore our website, which is the first step in resolving your issues or getting the information you need to be successful.

Help is just a phone call, email or visit away. When you contact our Service Desk, a service call ticket will be created on your behalf and an agent will try to resolve your problem on the phone or in person. If the issue is more technical in nature (Tier Two or above) or outside of normal business hours, your ticket will be sent through our workflow system so you will get the right assistance as soon as possible.

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