FY 2022 Tech Fee Advisory Committee Members

Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee Members

The Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee is composed of 34 members, chaired by the Provost, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of Finance and Administration, and co-chaired by VP of Operations & Chief Information Officer Information Technology. It includes 19 students recommended by the VP of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, 12 undergraduates and seven (7) graduates, eight faculty, two academic representatives, and two ex-official members. The Technology Fee Committee is the standing college committee that advises the Office of the President on the expenditures of Tech Fee revenue.
Committee Chairs – Tony Liss, Provost and Felix Lam, VP & CFO of Finance and Administration (2)
Co-Chair – Ken Ihrer, VP Office of Operations & CIO Information Technology (1)   

Student Representatives (19)
Shza Zaki, President Undergraduate Student Affairs
Nelson Asemota, Executive Vice President Undergraduate Student Affairs
Andrew Salmieri, Vice President of Undergraduate Student Affairs
Sofina Tanni, Vice President of Undergraduate Campus Affairs
Samantha Castro, Undergraduate Student Senator-Engineering
Emma Montero, Undergraduate Student Senator
Elmi Jimenez, Undergraduate Student Senator
Annelies De Jong, Undergraduate Student Senator
Hans Owour, Undergraduate Student Senator-Biomedical
Michael Mayaguri, Undergraduate Student Senator-Engineering
Anjanay Spence, Undergraduate Student Senator-Engineering
Sadiya Hussein, Undergraduate Student Speaker of the Senate
Jennifer Bowen, Graduate Student Chair
Kevin Walsh, Graduate Student Executive Vice-Chair
Noah Benus, Graduate Student Vice-Chair for Community Affairs
Brendan Hawkins, Graduate Student Treasurer
Coleman Downing, Graduate Student Councilor
Tiffany Jeffrey, Graduate Student Councilor
Wynta Alexander, Graduate Student Executive Secretary

Faculty Representatives (8)
Prof. Mark Smith, Humanities and Arts
Prof. Ilona Kretzschmar, Grove School of Engineering
Prof. Gordon Gebert, School of Architecture
Prof. Laurent Mars, Division of Science
Prof. Elizabeth Matthews, Center for Worker Education
Prof. Kevin Foster, Colin Powell School
Ms. Doris Grasserbauer, School of Education
Mr. Omer Kabir, CUNY School of Medicine

Administrative Representatives (2)      
Celia Lloyd, VP Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
Daisy Dominguez, Interim Associate Dean and Chief Librarian

Ex-officio Member (2)
Leonardo Leo, Deputy CIO of Office of Information Technology (OIT)
Otto Marte, Tech Fee Administrator and Director of OIT Business Services


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