VPN Access Request

VPN Access Request

Access login to the CCNY VPN Access Request Form (Login Required)


Virtual Private Networks (VPN) provide easy access from the Internet to a private network and its internal resources. VPN security is only as strong as the methods used to authenticate the users (and the devices) at the remote end of the VPN connection. A Chairperson, Dean or Vice President must give their approval by email for the request to be granted. 

Unguarded computing habits can lead to malware infections potentially resulting in a multitude of detrimental effects, from the widespread exposure of sensitive information stored on the device, to compromising the performance and security of the entire City College network environment. 

Following the precautionary policies, guidelines, recommendations and instructions outlined below will help minimize the security risks of using a VPN and ensure that you conform with CCNY/CUNY’s information security policies. 

CUNY Information Security website: http://security.cuny.edu 
CCNY Information Security website: https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/it/security 

It is critical that your computer has the most recent security patches for your operating systems. Visit http://update.microsoft.com for Windows OS or http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/ for MAC OS. Anti-virus software MUST be installed with the latest definition file and updates (i.e. McAfee, Norton, AVG, Avast etc). 

If you need help ensuring that your computer meets these requirements, please contact the Service Desk in NAC 1/301, call (212) 650‐7878 or email the Service Desk.