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Student Research

Institute for Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Lasers

Student Research






As part of its mission to help develop a skilled workforce for academia and industry, the IUSL provides unique educational and training opportunities for students from the middle school through the Ph.D. levels.


To date, a total of 82 Ph.D. students and 31 Master’s degree students have participated in research at the IUSL. Of these, 51 Ph.D. students and several Master’s students from the Physics, Electrical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering departments of the City College have completed their degrees based on their research here.

List of PhD graduates, thesis titles, and current affiliations

Information for Doctoral Students at City College of New York


Undergraduate students from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Departments of CCNY participate in ongoing research projects at IUSL. The research projects in which undergraduates participate include:

  • Tunable solid-state lasers
  • Hybrid organic-inorganic nanoscale optical materials
  • Nanoscale microscopy and imaging
  • Semiconductor photodetectors and emitters
  • Time-resolved optical polarization imaging for underwater target detection
  • Near-infrared tunable laser tissue welding
  • Spectroscopic detection of bacteria, spores and viruses
  • THz spectroscopy in biological molecules, chemicals, and semiconductors


NASA-COSI and DoD-CNP Educational Outreach

The NASA Center for Optical Sensing and Imaging and the DoD Center for Nanoscale Photonics are offering two training programs that are designed to encourage and enable students from middle school through college to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. A special focus of both programs is to encourage members of underrepresented minority groups and women to enter these important fields.

The programs are:

  • A Research and Education Pilot Program offered jointly by the NASA-COSI and DoD-CNP Photonics Centers is geared to high school and middle school students. The Pilot Program integrates research and education through hands-on training. Students are offered training by scientists involved in research programs that develop and use cutting-edge instruments and methods and data analysis techniques. The program includes lectures and laboratory training on basic photonics and photonics technology.
  • The NASA-COSI Photonics Training Program (NASA-COSI PTP), which is aimed at high school and college students. The PTP is designed to help train students in the photonics-based tools required for technical jobs in the photonics industry and advanced degrees. The program includes lectures and hands-on training focusing on experimental techniques used in the photonics field.

Both training programs benefit from the multidisciplinary faculty and staff, and state-of-the-art photonics instrumentation, at the IUSL research facilities. The Photonics Training Program is made possible in part by a matching grant from New York State’s Office of Science, Technology and Academic Research (NYSTAR).

Student Projects