The 2014 Langston Hughes Festival

The Langston Hughes Festival
and The City College of New York
Honor Award-Winning Detective Fiction Writer Walter Mosley

WalterMosley5_WideVision PhotographyMarcia Wilson     Walter Mosley is the author of Devil in a Blue Dress, an Easy Rawlins
     mystery,  and more than 40 books of fiction, sci-fi, and non-fictional works.

     Friday, November 21st, 2014
     Symposium: "Walter Mosley, Unbound and Unrestricted: A Master Writer of
     Many Genres"
     Mr. Mosley in conversation with Terrance McKnight, host of WQXR’s
     Evening Music
     Marian Anderson Theatre at Aaron Davis Hall
     The City College of New York
     Convent Ave (between 133rd & 135th Sts.)
     New York City

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