Choral Speaking Festival


The Choral Speaking Festival



The Choral Speaking Festival is held in the spring and features local school children (grades K through 3) performing imaginative renditions of Hughes' poetry and fiction.

The 2019 Langston Hughes Choral Speaking Festival will be held on Wednesday May 22, 2019 at 10am in Aaron Davis Hall.

Previous Supporters of the Choral Speaking Festival & Essay Contest

Simon H. Rifkind Center for Humanities
The Department of English at The City College of New York
RCMI at The City College of New York
The City College of New York's "College Now" Program
CCNY I-Media
Asa Philip Randolph Campus High School
The Drifters, Inc.
Mr. Larry Welch (NYFD Ret.)
Christopher K. Sowers, P.C.
Uptown Slices, Harlem, N.Y.
Lloyd's Carrot Cake, Riverdale, N.Y.
Emblem Health