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Graduate Program

Mechanical Engineering

Graduate Program

 The City College offers the following graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering:

  • M.E. (M.E.) Professional Master's Degree
  • M.S. (Engineering)
  • Ph.D.

Starting in Fall 2008, City College is admitting students for the doctoral degree (New students contact admissions office at CCNY)

Degree Requirements

I. Professional Master's Degree

Engineering Core Courses 9 Cr.

    Mechanical Engineering:
    G0200: Applied Fluid Mechanics
    G4000: Applied Stress Analysis
    I1100: Introduction to Engineering Analysis

Technical Electives 15-21cr. (Five to seven courses from the following list:)

    Mechanical Engineering:
    G0300: Computer Aided Manufacturing
    G0500: Mechanical Vibrations
    G0600: Thermal Systems Design
    G0700: Computer Aided Mechanism Design
    G2300: Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning
    G4100: Mechatronics: Principles and Practice
    G4300: Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics
    G4400: Nano/Micromechanics
    G4500: Mechanics and Physics of Material Behavior
    G4600: Computational Fluid Dynamics
    G4700: Physical Properties of Material
    G4800: Auto Safety Design
    G4900: Advanced Topics in Fluid Dynamics
    G5000: Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics
    I3100: Steam and Gas Turbines
    I3600: Conduction Heat Transfer
    I3700: Convection Heat Transfer
    I6200: Advanced Concepts in Mechanical Vibrations
    I6500: Computer Aided Design
    I6700: Composite Materials
    I6900: Experimental Methods in Fluid Mechanics
    I1700: Finite Element Methods in Engineering
    I4200: Continuum Mechanics

Any graduate course in the Grove School of Engineering with the approval of the departmental advisor.

One course from list below may be taken in place of a technical elective:

    Engineering Management Courses 3 cr.
    F3800: Management Concepts for Engineers
    F9300: Economics and Investment Analysis of Engineering Projects
    G7600:Engineering Law
    G8500: Project Management
    I8000: Decision and Planning Techniques for Engineers

Report/Project/Thesis 0-6 cr.

    Mechanical Engineering:
    I9700: Report (0 cr.)
    I9800: Project (3 cr.)
    I9900: Research for the Master's Thesis (6 cr.)
    G0400: Industry Oriented Design Project (3 cr.)

Total Credits 30 cr.

Note: With departmental approval, students may register for two 50000-level undergraduate courses towards the master's degree. However, students must receive a grade of B or better and these courses will not be included in their G.P.A.

II. The M.S. Degree
The M.S. Degree is awarded to students who do not have a bachelor's degree in engineering


Master's Program Advisor:
Jackie Jie Li

Doctoral Program Advisor:
Yiannis Andreopoulos