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Graduate Program

Mechanical Engineering

Graduate Program

 The City College offers the following graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering:

  • M.E. (M.E.) Professional Master's Degree
  • M.S. (Engineering)
  • Ph.D.

Starting in Spring 2019, all applicants to Mechanical Engineering Master's program are required to take GRE. (New students contact admissions office at CCNY)

Degree Requirements

I. Professional Master's Degree

Engineering Core Courses 9 Cr.

    Mechanical Engineering:
    G0200: Applied Fluid Mechanics
    G4000: Applied Stress Analysis
    I1100: Introduction to Engineering Analysis

Technical Electives 15-21cr. (Five to seven courses from the following list:)

    Mechanical Engineering:
    G0300: Computer Aided Manufacturing
    G0500: Mechanical Vibrations
    G0600: Thermal Systems Design
    G0700: Computer Aided Mechanism Design
    G2300: Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning
    G4100: Mechatronics: Principles and Practice
    G4300: Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics
    G4400: Nano/Micromechanics
    G4500: Mechanics and Physics of Material Behavior
    G4600: Computational Fluid Dynamics
    G4700: Physical Properties of Material
    G4800: Auto Safety Design
    G4900: Advanced Topics in Fluid Dynamics
    G5000: Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics
    I3100: Steam and Gas Turbines
    I3600: Conduction Heat Transfer
    I3700: Convection Heat Transfer
    I6200: Advanced Concepts in Mechanical Vibrations
    I6500: Computer Aided Design
    I6700: Composite Materials
    I6900: Experimental Methods in Fluid Mechanics
    I1700: Finite Element Methods in Engineering
    I4200: Continuum Mechanics

Any graduate course in the Grove School of Engineering with the approval of the departmental advisor.

One course from list below may be taken in place of a technical elective:

    Engineering Management Courses 3 cr.
    F3800: Management Concepts for Engineers
    F9300: Economics and Investment Analysis of Engineering Projects
    G7600:Engineering Law
    G8500: Project Management
    I8000: Decision and Planning Techniques for Engineers

Report/Project/Thesis 0-6 cr.

    Mechanical Engineering:
    I9700: Report (0 cr.)
    I9800: Project (3 cr.)
    I9900: Research for the Master's Thesis (6 cr.)
    G0400: Industry Oriented Design Project (3 cr.)

Total Credits 30 cr.

Note: With departmental approval, students may register for two 50000-level undergraduate courses towards the master's degree. However, students must receive a grade of B or better and these courses will not be included in their G.P.A.

II. The M.S. Degree
The M.S. Degree is awarded to students who do not have a bachelor's degree in engineering


Master's Program Advisor:
Taehun Lee

Doctoral Program Advisor:
Yiannis Andreopoulos