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Creating ePortfolios in Epsilen:

Creating ePortfolios with HTML editor:

How to get the template files (This section is here for historic reasons. In the unlikely event you do need the template files please email Doris Grasserbauer at

  • Click on 'click here' for the appropriate template below (e.g. if you are an undergraduate student you would look for the 'click here' in the undergraduate section).
  • Proceed to save the file by following the instructions on the screen.
  • The downloaded file is zipped, which means in our case that more than one files are compressed to one file for easier download.
  • To unzip the file you need to double click on the downloaded ePortfolio file.

Software and handouts for PC users:

Software for MAC users:

  • StuffIt is a program which allows you to expand the downloaded file.
  • Mozilla SeaMonkey to edit the ePortfolio
  • Transferring files from and to the server: Cyberduck is an easy to use FTP program for uploading and downloading files (e.g. City College Server Space).

The Electronic Portfolio Reference Sheet - if you encounter problems while editing the Electronic Portfolio

  • Undergraduate Programs:
    • Pre-Admission Electronic Portfolio: Template
    • Early Childhood Education Program: Template
    • Childhood Education Program: Template