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Equipment Policy

Multimedia Center

Equipment Policy


Equipment has to be reserved at least a week in advance by visiting the Equipment Reservation page. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with the Multimedia Center procedures. Anyone that wishes to borrow an item for more than the standard allowed time must submit a specific request and reason for doing so. If only one item is available and two individuals wish to borrow the item on the same date, higher precedence will be given to 1) those that wish to borrow an item for academic purposes and 2) the date the item was requested. Items are available to faculty, staff, and students. It is the responsibility of the borrower to transport the equipment from and return it to the Multimedia Center. It is also the responsibility of the borrower to keep the equipment safe at all times. If an item is damaged or lost, the borrower is responsible for the repair of the damage or replacement. In case our equipment has been stolen from you, you will have to provide us with a police report about the incident.

Be aware that you have to plan an instruction session for the proper use of the equipment before you can borrow equipment. The length of this session will depend on the equipment.

Digital Cameras, Camcorders, iPads, and iPods

May be borrowed for one week. Accessories differ according to device.

Cart with 20 MacBooks and cart with 30 iPads (faculty and staff only)

Those systems are not for off-campus use or for use at social events. A working network connection in the location the cart will be used is necessary for college network or Internet access from the cart. It is the responsibility of the faculty or staff member that reserves the cart to transport it from and return it to the Multimedia Center. You have to close the classroom door while the devices are used to avoid theft.

Laptops (faculty and staff only)

May be borrowed by faculty and staff during intercessions and on availability for college related purposes. Accessories differ according to laptop model. No software may be installed on the laptop by the borrower without prior permission from the Director of the Multimedia Center.

LCD projectors with or without Computer (faculty and staff only)

May be borrowed for use in the Multimedia Center, in classrooms or at conferences.