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Graduate Degree Requirements


Graduate Degree Requirements


V0000: Bibliography and Research Techniques 3
V2100, V2200: Tonal Harmony, Post-Tonal Theory 6
V6000: Music History Seminar 3



Musicology (History or Theory)

B1900: Thesis Research 3
Courses in Group II (History) 6-9
Courses in Group III (Composition/Theory) 6-9
Total Credits 30



V3100: Composition (4 semesters) 8
V3200: Composition Thesis 1
Courses in Group II (History) 3-6
Courses in Group III (Composition/Theory) 3-6
Total Credits 30



V8100: Private Instruction (4 semesters) 8
V8200: Recital 2
V8300 or V8400: Ensemble (4 semesters) 4
Courses in Group II, III, or IV 6
Students specializing in Jazz are required to take V2300 Jazz Theory and V6900 Seminar in Jazz History among their music electives.  
Total Credits 32


Additional Requirements

  • The Graduate Committee may waive or modify some of these required courses for students with equivalent training. In addition, up to 6 credits may be taken in related fields with permission of the Department.
  • Thesis: Students majoring in Music History or Theory submit a thesis based on original research. Students majoring in Composition submit an original composition of substantial length together with a detailed explanation of its structure and devices. Guidelines for the format of theses are available from the Director of Graduate Studies.
  • Recital: Students majoring in Performance present a full-length recital, accompanied by an essay concerning an aspect of their recital program.
  • Comprehensive Examinations: The examinations cover history, theory, source materials, and style analysis.
  • Foreign Language Requirement: Proficiency requirements may be met in one of the following: French, Italian, German, or Spanish.



All candidates for the graduate vocal program will be evaluated for prior training in music and vocal studies. All graduate students admitted to the program are required to complete 4 semesters of vocal instruction to obtain their M.A. degree. At least two of these semesters must be at CCNY.
In association with private voice instruction, there will be a series of four vocal seminars each semester, one evening per month (dates will be given at the beginning of each semester). All graduate vocal students are required to attend and must sing at a minimum of three sessions. Any songs sung during the seminars must be memorized. Songs may be repeated within the semester.

All vocal students are required to sing a jury at the end of each semester except in the semester they perform their graduation recital. Graduate students must prepare a minimum of 4 songs for each jury. The faculty will decide which ones they wish to hear. All songs must be sung from memory.
Graduate students are required to sing each semester in the Voice Student Joint Concert at the end of the semester, the date of which will always be made known at the beginning of each semester.
Graduate voice students will be required to sing a recital of at least 30-45 minutes from memory in their final semester. They must also arrange for their recital date and accompanist well in advance, and should plan at least one run-through of the program beforehand. Graduate students must sing in at least four languages (English, Italian, French and German). Other languages are welcome in addition to these four.