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CCNY’s eight Clinton Fellows tackle education at Clinton Global Initiative

Clinton Fellows_2018
Seven of CCNY’s eight Chicago-bound Clinton Fellows [from left]: Jessica Jorge, Raneem Elsayed, Swathi Mettela, Danny Tsoi, Nancy Larcher, Mahmoud Khedr and Khandker Ahamed.

This year’s Clinton Global Initiative University meeting at the University of Chicago, Oct. 19-21, attracts more than 1,000 innovative student leaders from around the world for a conference themed “Turning Ideas into Action.” The participants include eight of The City College of New York’s best and brightest – all but one from the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership -- invited to attend after earning Clinton Fellowships in the spring.

CCNY’s eight Clinton Fellows -- three of them from the Class of 2018 -- and their majors are:

  • Khandker Ahamed, CUNY BA, Division of Humanities and the Arts;
  • Raneem Elsayed,  history/international studies;
  • Jessica Jorge, psychology/international studies, Class of 2018;
  • Mahmoud Khedr, CUNY BA;
  • Nancy Larcher, history/political science, Class of 2018;         
  • Swathi Mettela, anthropology;
  • Faria Tasnim, international studies/sociology, Class of 2018; and
  • Danny Tsoi, economics.

Of any of the five focus areas they are required to commit to at the Clinton event, the CCNY delegation will tackle education. Environment and climate change, peace and human rights, poverty alleviation, and public health are the other topics.    

Ahamed, Tsoi and Khedr will talk about their Zahn Innovation Center award-winning mental health education curriculum for high school students developed by their student start-up FloraMind. It is designed to promote self-care and break the stigma around mental health. It won the $25,000 Zahn Social Impact Prize.

Elsayed will discuss how she teaches design thinking to high school students. The goal is for them to pass the concept on to elementary students.  

Jorge will introduce “Uxakah Learn,” an afterschool program for girls to empower them to speak about social justice issues in their communities.

And Larcher, Mettela and Tasnim will share research on their oral history program at CCNY to explore the lives of students at the diverse campus.

More than $750,000 in funding will be available to select CGI U 2018 students to help them turn their ideas into action.

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