CCNY’s Jeffrey Morris wins American Physical Society award

Jeffrey Morris, director of the Benjamin Levich Institute for Physico-Chemical Hydrodynamics at The City College of New York, is the recipient of the American Physical Society’s 2019 Stanley Corrsin Award. The prize recognizes a recent achievement of especially high impact and significance, a particular discovery, or an innovation in the field.

Morris is cited by the College, Park, Maryland-based APS for: “outstanding contributions that elucidate the microscopic basis of the flow properties of suspensions, and their influence on macroscopic flow phenomena.”  He will receive the award and present the Distinguished Lecture at the APS’ Division of Fluid Dynamics annual meeting in Seattle, Washington State, Nov. 23 – 25.

APS is a nonprofit membership organization working to advance and diffuse the knowledge of physics. It represents more than 55,000 members, including physicists in academia, national laboratories, and industry in the United States and throughout the world.

This is the latest honor bestowed on Morris, who is also Professor of chemical engineering in City College’s Grove School of Engineering. An APS Fellow since 2013, he was awarded the 2015 J. Rheology Publication Award by the Society of Rheology. In 2017, Morris earned the AICHE/Shell Thomas Baron Award for Fluid-Particle Systems.

He is an associate editor of the “Journal of Fluid Mechanics” and co-author of the text “A Physical Introduction to Suspension Dynamics.”

Morris’ new ideas, including accounting for finite volume fractions and inertial effects, have been tested using numerical simulations and experiments. He reviews the progress in the field and applies the results to more practical situations: suspension flow in thin films and suspension jet flow.

About the Grove School of Engineering
CCNY’s Grove School of Engineering celebrates a century of educating engineers this year. Originally established as the School of Technology in 1919, it evolved to the School of Engineering in 1962 and was renamed The Grove School of Engineering in 2005 in honor of alumnus Andrew S. Grove, whose $26 million gift to the institution that year is the largest in CCNY’s history. A distinguished member of CCNY’s Class of 1960, Grove was a founder and former chairman of Intel Corp, one of the world’s leading producers of semiconductor chips. Today, the Grove School remains the only public school of engineering in the heart of New York City.  

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