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Message to New Students

New Students

Message to New Students

Welcome New CCNY Families,                           

We are humbled that you have selected The City College of New York to partner with you to help your student enter the professional world. They will do well. This is how. On the first day of college, orientation, we will share with them the two goals that they must achieve here. First, is mastery over the subjects. The job market is always open for those who have exemplary skills and know how to use them to help THE EMPLOYER to meet their needs. Second, we will introduce the topic of becoming a professional. Throughout your student’s years with us, we will provide them with professional development activities that will help them to create their own professional persona by the time that they reach their senior year. Yes, they will be able to submit resumes and to perform in interviews better than their competition If they take advantage of these opportunities beginning in their first year of study.  You and I both know, that developing professional behaviors cannot be taught in a workshop or two. Take public speaking as an example; this skill is honed over several years, as is networking and all other indispensable professional skills. 

At orientation, we will reveal our game plan so we can move forward to support your student’s work together. We invite you to share this experience with them by attending our Orientation designed exclusively for Parents and Families of CCNY new students. I look forward to meeting you!


Interim Vice President of Student Affairs 
Wendy J. Thornton