Faculty and staff profiles

Faculty and Staff

Anthony Achille

Executive Director, External Relations

o: 200 H E Wille Administration Bldg

Matthew Albanese

Events Manager, Office of Events Management

o: 176 Shepard Hall

Dennis L. Barnes

Admin. Events Coordinator, Office of Event Managem

o: 176 Shepard Hall

Jessica Lino

Office Coordinator

p: 212-650-6400

Dee Dee Mozeleski

Senior Vice President of the Office of Institutional Advance...

o: 154 Shepard Hall
p: 212-650-8208

Sheldon Neverson

Audio-Visual Technician

p: 212-650-5303

Derek Quinlan

Box Office Manager (Aaron Davis Hall)

o: Aaron Davis Hall

Piero Ramos

Production Manager

o: Aaron Davis Hall

Gregory Shanck

Managing Director of City College Center for the Arts

p: 212-650-5362

Yvette Spellman

Assistant to Technical Director (Aaron Davis Hall)

Bryan Stanton

Performing Arts Technical Manager

o: 212-650-5988 Aaron Davis Hall Scene Shop

Charles Thornton

Director, Office of Events Management

o: 176 Shepard Hall