Faculty and staff profiles

Faculty and Staff

Kelly Aponte

Adjunct Assistant Professor

o: 25 Broadway, 7th Floor

Jerome Farnett

Adjunct Assistant Professor

o: 25 Broadway, 7th Floor

Emine Abali

Asst Dean for Basic Sci Curriculum

o: 301B Townsend Harris Hall

Syed A. Abdali

College Lab Technician (CLT)

o: MR-907 Townsend Harris Hall
p: 212-650-7728

Salar Abdoh

Professor & Deputy Chair

o: 6/352 North Academic Center

Nana Abeyie

Director of Academic Technology Services

o: 4/225D North Academic Center

Annamma Abraham

Programmer (SIMS Group)

o: 4/225D North Academic Center

Grisel Abreu

Administrative Receptionist

o: H-303-7 Harris Hall
p: 212-650-6803

Michelle S. Abreu

Assistant Course Director, Patient- Doctor and Practice of Medicine 1 & 2

o: H-303-J Harris Hall
p: 212-650-6579

Manal Abu-Shaheen

College Laboratory Technician

o: 245A Compton-Goethals Hall
p: 212-650-7175

Anthony Achille

Executive Director, External Relations

o: 200 H E Wille Administration Bldg

Harry Acosta

Director of Animal Care

o: MR-825 Marshak Science Building
p: 212-650-8505

Andreas Acrivos

Albert Einstein Professor of Science and Engineering Emeritus

Karen Adamo-Henry

Course Coordinator

o: 301-5 Townsend Harris Hall

Denise Addison

Higher Education Assistant

o: 1024 Marshak Science Building

Mark Addison Smith

Assistant Professor, Graphic Design and Visual Communication

o: CG 129
p: 212 650-6451

Maria Agosto

CUNY Administrative Assistant

o: 203 Townsend Harris Hall

Anil Kumar K. Agrawal


o: T-193 Steinman Hall

Carlos Aguasaco

Assistant Professor

o: 7th Floor 25 Broadway

Maria Aguirre

Finance Budget Coordinator

o: H-106 Harris Hall
p: 212-650-7061

Muhammad Ahmad


o: 119 Spitzer School of Architecture

Daniel Ahmed

HR Coordinator for Non-Teaching Adjunct & Adjunct

o: 50 Shepard Hall

Samir Ahmed

Professor, EE Dept.

o: 553 Steinman Hall
p: 212-650-7250

Sharki Ahmed

Grants Associate

o: 16 Shepard Hall
p: 212-650-7915

Allena Aikens

Purchasing Agent

o: 214E Baskerville Hall
p: 212-650-8314

Tanzeem Ajimiri


o: 4/145 North Academic Center
p: 212-650-7914

Jonathan E. Akeley

Associate Director, Cybersecurity Master’s Program

o: 530 Steinman Hall

Madiha Akhtar

Associate Dean for Student Affairs

o: 303H Townsend Harris Hall
p: 212-650-6276