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Pre-Medical Studies



The CADUCEUS SOCIETY of the City College of New York is an extracurricular organization concerned with the expansion of the student's understanding and knowledge of the medical field and of the biological sciences. Since 1937, our activities have fostered close friendships while providing a spirit of cooperation to enhance common interests. We are a non-profit organization on campus designed to serve students interested in the medical and health related fields. Our regular events include visits to medical schools, school information sessions, and admissions workshops.


Pay $7.00 / semester in membership dues
Miss no more than four meetings
Participate in at least two activities
Help fund raise if one wishes to attend an out of state trip
Complete and hand in to the Caduceus office the membership form.
Click here for the Membership Form.
We are located in the Marshak Science Building, room 529. Interested students may E-mail us

Click here for an information sheet about the Caduceus Society.