President Boudreau


  • Ph.D., Government (Comparative Politics, International Relations) Cornell University (1991).
  • M.A., Government (Comparative Politics, International Relations) Cornell University (1987).
  • B.A., (English and Philosophy, Summa Cum Laude), LeMoyne College (1984).

Faculty and Administrative Positions

  • President, The City College of New York (November 2016-Present)
  • Dean, Colin Powell School for Civic & Global Leadership (January 2013-October 2016)
  • Full Professor (September 2007)
  • Director, Colin Powell Center for Policy Studies, The City College of New York (March 2002-January 2013)
  • Chair, Department of Political Science, City College of New York (August 2001-2008)
  • Associate Professor (September, 2000-2007)
  • Deputy Dean of the Division of Social Science, City College of New York (July 2000-July 2001).
  • Director, International Studies Program, City College of New York (September 1999-July 2000)
  • Director, Masters Program in International Relations, City College of New York (January 1992-January 1997).
  • Assistant Professor (September 1991-August 2000)




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Publications: Selected Articles and Book Chapters

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Technical Papers, Consultancies and Solicited Reports

(2011). "Jubilee South Asia: Organizational Evaluation, 2005-2010." (Solicited by Jubilee South Asia and NOVIB)

(2009-2011) "Evaluation of the Masters of Social Science in Development Studies Program." City University of Hong Kong. (3 annual reports).

(2006) Action Aid Asia, Methodology Consultant, Asia Quality Assessment Project, solicited by Action Aid Asia.

(2005). Freedom House Country Reports for Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, East Timor and Thailand, published in Freedom in the World. Freedom House, New York.

(2005). External Assessment Report, co-author, External Organizational Assessment of Action for Economic Reforms, solicited by AER and Oxfam International, Asia;

(2003). External Assessment Report of the Freedom from Debt Coalition, solicited by FDC and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, 2003.


Selected Conference Papers and Lectures

"Movement Strategy in Post-Transitional Polities: Lessons from the Philippine-Indonesian Comparison." (in preparation) Protest and Democratization Conference, May 20-22, Tel Aviv, Israel.

"Collective Violence and Political Transitions" paper presented at "State Violence and Political Transition in East Asia," sponsored by Southeast Asia Research Centre (SEARC) of City University of Hong Kong, Hiroshima Peace Institute (HPI) of Hiroshima City University and Asian Political and International Studies Association (APISA) of Malaysia. December 9-11, 2009, City University of Hong Kong.

"Recruitment and Attack in Southeast Asian Collective Violence". Paper presented at International Peace Academy (IPA)-United Nations University (UNU) sponsored workshop on ‘Political violence in South and Southeast Asia', Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, July 2007

"Democracy Expanded? Continuity and Change in Philippine Politics" paper presented at Columbia University Conference, "Legacies of Change in Southeast Asia: A Symposium in Honor of John Bresnan." November 4, 2005.

"State-Society and Civil Military Relations in Southeast Asia" paper presented at the Hiroshima Peace Institute-sponsored conference "The Myanmar Peace Initiative," October 26-28, Hiroshima, Japan.

"Deepening Democracy in Southeast Asia" Panelist and Moderator, Co-sponsored by the Asia Society and the Open Society Institute." April 6, 2005. Asia Society, New York.

"The Contentious Crucible of Philippine People Power" Paper presented at the Association of Asian Studies Annual Meeting, Chicago Illinois, April 1, 2005.

"Resisting Dictatorship: State Repression and Philippine Protest in Comparative Perspective." Talk given at the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of California, Berkeley, March 1, 2005.

"Picking Fights: Interpreting State Repression in Southeast Asia and Beyond" Talk given at the Asia Pacific Research Center, Stanford University, March 28, 2005.

"Democracy Reaffirmed?: National Elections in the Philippines" Talk given at "Democracy and Elections in Southeast Asia" at the Paul Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University. May 12, 2004.

State Repression and Social Capital in Southeast Asia: The View from three Democracy Movements. Paper to be Presented November 16, 2001 at the Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association.

Contention and Contingency in Transitions to Democracy (Paper Presented at the American Political Science Association's Annual Meeting, August, 2001.

Lecture, International Diffusion and Historical Contingency in Southeast Asian Protest in the Citizenship in a New Millennium Lecture Series, New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College (Upcoming, January, 2001).

Unnatural Selection: State Repression and Movement Response in the Making of Southeast Asian Contention, presentation to the New York University's Interdisciplinary Workshop on Social Movements (October 31, 2000).

Lecture, "Political Protest and Democratic Transitions in Three Southeast Asian Countries." The Jackson School of International Affairs, University of Washington at Seattle (May 23, 2000).

Discussant, A Regional Dynamics of Philippine Armed Insurgencies: Luzon Association of Asian Studies Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA. (March 9-12, 2000).

State Attack and Social Protest: Comparative Lessons from Three Southeast Asian States. Paper Presented at the Collective Behavior Conference, University of California, Davis (August 19-23, 1998).

Dictatorship and Dissent: Resistance to Marcos in comparative Perspective. UP Forum, Sponsored by Third World Studies Center and the Asian Center of the University of the Philippines, Diliman (June 17, 1998).

International Relations Theory: Structural Shifts and Technological Development. Paper Presented at the University of Rangoon Institute of Historical Research (June 3, 1998).

Diffusing Democracy: Philippine Models of Collective Behavior in Southeast Asia. paper presented at the PACT Civil Society Lecture Series. Jakarta (February 15, 1998).

Discussant, Workshop on Socioeconomic History: Social Identities in the Late Ottoman Empire. Discussant for the panel AConstruction of Ethnic Identities. New York University Department of Middle Eastern Studies (March 8, 1997).

State Building and the Philippine Collective Repertoire presented at the Association of Asian Studies, Honolulu Hawaii (April, 14, 1996).

Discussant. The Catholic Church and Social Relations in the Philippines. Panel at the Association of Asian Studies, Honolulu Hawaii (April, 14, 1996).

"The Demobilization of the Philippine Anti-Dictatorship Movement: The View from 1987" presented at the Association of Asian Studies, Boston, Mass. (March 27, 1994).

"Transnational Influence on Class Formation, Markets and the Development Environment: Notes from Southeast Asia," presented at the Conference for SustainableDevelopment and Local Control of Resources, Arizona State University (April 17, 1994).

"The Protest Lull in Comparative Perspective," Third World Studies Visiting Research Fellow Lecture Series, University of the Philippines (November, 1988).


Manuscript and Grant Review

Social Science Research Council; Third World Studies Center, University of the Philippines UNRIS Project; American Journal of Sociology; Journal of Southeast Asian Studies; Filipinas: A Journal of Philippine Studies; Nationalism and Ethnic Politics; Comparative Political Studies; Mobilization, and International Journal; The Japanese Journal of Asian Studies; Journal of Democracy; Social Forces, Cornell University Industrial Relations Press; Cambridge University Press; Ateneo de Manila University Press; PSC-CUNY Research Foundation.


Other Professional Activities

External Academic Advisor to the Master's Program in Development Studies, City University of Hong Kong. (2009-present).

Editorial Board Member, Comparative Politics (2007-present).

Editorial Board Member, Kasarinlan (2007-present).

Freedom House Freedom Assessment Country Report Analyst (Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, East Timor, Indonesia, Thailand). 2005.

Participant, Interdisciplinary Workshop in Social Movements, Department of Sociology, New York University (2000-Present).

Participant, Contentious Politics Workshop, Lazarsfeld Center for the Social Sciences, Columbia University (1997-Present).

Participant/Lecturer. Civil Military Relations Seminar in Brazzaville, Congo, given to selected military, legislative, and judicial officials, as well as actors from civil society and the media. Sponsored by the US Defense Department (April, 1997).

Participant/Lecturer. Civil Military Relations Seminar in N'Djamena, Chad, given to selected military, legislative, and judicial officials, as well as actors from civil society and the media. Sponsored by the US Defense Department (May, 1997).

Participant, Contentious Politics Workshop, Center for Historical Studies at the New School for Social Research (1995-1997).

Research Consultant, Department of Agrarian Reform, Government of the Republic of the Philippines. Impact Assessment of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program on Philippine Economic and Social Relations. Research sponsored by Official Development Assistance Donors Consortium and the Philippine Government, 1999.

Consultant for Liaison between Visiting Indonesian Non-Governmental Organization Delegates and Philippine Non-Governmental Organizations, Manila, July, 1999.

Research Consultant, Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement, July-August, 1993.

Lecturer, Elderhostel, Global Issues in Environmental Politics, LeMoyne College, 1991.

Research Associate, Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement, 1990-91.

Visiting Research Fellow, University of the Philippines Third World Studies Center, 1986-1988