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George Mitchell

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George Mitchell

Assistant Professor
Director, Public Policy Minor


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NAC 4/135A
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George E. Mitchell is an assistant professor of political science and an affiliate of the public service management (MPA) and international relations (IR-MA) programs at the Colin Powell School of the City College of New York, specializing in NGO management, leadership, and strategy. Before joining City College Professor Mitchell worked in the post-conflict reconstruction sector in the Middle East and was a founding Member of the Transnational NGO Initiative at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University.

  • PhD (Political Science), Syracuse University, 2011
  • MA (Political Science), Syracuse University, 2007
  • MA (Economics), Syracuse University, 2006
  • BS (Economics), West Virginia University, 2003
Courses Taught

Graduate courses:

  • PSM B1805 American Governance and Public Administration
  • PSM C1816 / PSY V7600 Program Evaluation
  • IR B6999 NGOs in Global Politics
  • IR B6800 Research Methods

Undergraduate courses:

  • PSC 25200 Theories of International Relations
  • PSC 31716 NGOs in World Affairs
Research Interests

Professor Mitchell's areas of research include NGO and nonprofit management, leadership, and strategy, outcome-oriented philanthropy, public administration, international relations, and mixed-methods. Among other topics related to NGOs and nonprofits, his current research examines how Northern transnational NGOs are confronting challenges to their accountability, effectiveness, legitimacy, and relevance.


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Mitchell, George E. 2010. "Leveraging Project Finance for Development: The Chad-Cameroon Oilfield Development and Pipeline Project." Journal of Civil Society and Social Transformation. 1(1), 14-25.

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