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Maribel Vazquez

Faculty and Staff Profiles

Maribel Vazquez

Associate Professor

Room 403D
Steinman Hall
Phone Number: 
(212) 650-5209
(212) 650-6727
Dr. Vazquez in 2015

Sc.D., Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 2001 

M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 1996 

B.S., Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Cornell University, 1992

Research Interests

Cell Motility and Collective Migration

Microfluidics-Based Systems

Nanotechnology and Intracellular Imaging

Neuromuscular Junction

Photoreceptor Transplantation

Glial and Neuronal Progenitor Migration

Select Publications

1.       McCutcheon S.; Unachukwu U, Thakur A, Majeska R, Redenti S, Vazquez M, ‘In Vitro Formation of Neuroclusters in Microfluidic Devices and Cell Migration as a Function of Stromal-Derived Growth Factor 1 Gradients.’ Cell Adh Migr. 2016 Jan 8:0.

2.       Beck C, Singh T, Farooqi A, Venkatesh T, Vazquez M., ‘Controlled microfluidics to examine growth-factor induced migration of neural progenitors in the Drosophila visual system,’ J Neurosci Methods. 2015 Dec 29;262:32-40.

3.       Mishra S.; Thakur A.; Redenti S.; Vazquez M., A model microfluidics-based system for the human and mouse retina,’ Biomed Microdevices. 2015 Dec;17(6):107.

4.       Rico-Valera J.; Singh T.; McCutcheon S.; Vazquez M.,’EGF as a therapeutic target for medulloblastoma metastasis,’ Cell Mol Bioeng 2015 July 1; Volume 3, Issue 2, pp323. Cell Mol Bioeng. 2015 Dec;8(4):553-565

5.       Singh T, Kothapalli C, Varma D, Nicoll SB, Vazquez M, Carboxymethylcellulose hydrogels support central nervous system-derived tumor-cell chemotactic migration: Comparison with conventional extracellular matrix macromolecules J Biomater Appl. 2014 Sep;29(3):433-41.

6.       Unachukwu UJ, Sauane M, Vazquez M, Redenti S.; ‘Microfluidic Generated EGF-Gradients Induce Chemokinesis of Transplantable Retinal Progenitor Cells via the JAK/STAT and PI3Kinase Signaling Pathways,’ PLoS One. 2013 Dec 23;8(12)

7.       Dudu V., Able RA Jr.; Rotari, V.; Kong, Q.; Vazquez M., ' Role of Epidermal Growth Factor-triggered PI3K/Akt signaling in the Migration of Medulloblastoma-derived Cells,' Cell Mol Bioeng 2012 Dec 1; Volume 5, Issue 4, pp 402-413.

8.       Able RA Jr.; Ngnabeuye, C.; Beck, C.; Holland, EC.; Vazquez M., 'Low Concentration Microenvironments Enhance the Migration of Neonatal Cells of Glial Lineage,' Cell Mol Bioeng. 2012 Dec 1; Volume 5, Issue 2, pp 128-142.

9.       Dudu V.; Rotari V.; Vazquez M., 'Sendai Virus-based Liposomes Enable Targeted Cytosolic Delivery of Nanoparticles in Brain Tumor-Derived Cells,' J Nanobiotechnology. 2012 Feb 17;10:9.

10.     Dudu V.; Rotari V.; Vazquez M., 'Targeted extracellular nanoparticles enable intracellular detection of activated epidermal growth factor receptor in living brain cancer cells, 'Nanomedicine 2011 Dec;7(6):896-903.

Courses Offered

Introduction to Biomedical Engineering (BME101)

Experimental Methods in Biomedical Engineering (BME310)

Capstone Senior Design (BME450/460)

Microfluidics and Microfabrication (BME510/I7700)

Capstone BioDesign for Masters in Translational Medicine (BMEI6400,I6500,I6600)



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