Ana Carnaval

Associate Professor

Main Affiliation


Areas of Expertise/Research

  • Atlantic Forest
  • Biogeography
  • Biological Responses to Climate Change
  • Conservation in Tropical Regions
  • Improving Biodiversity Prediction
  • Spatial Patterns of Biodiversity


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Ana Carnaval


Dr. Carnaval's lab studies spatial patterns of biodiversity and their underlying evolutionary and ecological processes. Her research team focuses on tropical biogeography, integrating genetic and genomic information, correlative species distribution models, current environmental data, paleoclimatic simulations, and data on functional traits, with the explicit aim of improving biodiversity prediction and conservation in tropical regions. Lab projects have focused on regions as diverse as Amazonia, the Colombian Andes, the Cerrado, and the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil. 


Postdoctoral Fellowship in Evolutionary Biogeography, Berkeley Univ. of California, 2010
Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology, University of Chicago, 2005
M.S. in Zoology, Museu Nacional do Rio de Janeiro, 1997
Biological Sciences Licenciate, Univ. Federal do Rio de Janeiro, 1993

Courses Taught

Ecology and Evolution
Introduction to Biotechnology Lab
Scientific Communication
Biodiversity, Climate Change, and The Political Process (starting Fall 2020)

Research Interests

Ana is interested in spatial patterns of biodiversity and their underlying evolutionary and ecological processes, with the explicit aim of improving biodiversity prediction and conservation in tropical regions. Her research projects integrate genetic, functional, and spatial data. 


Selected Articles from 2010-2020

Notations used: *  CCNY student advisee, **  CCNY postdoctoral advisee, # non-CCNY student co-advisee (visiting student), +  minority student advisee


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