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Brian Tiburzi

Faculty and Staff Profiles

Brian Tiburzi

Assistant Professor

Marshak 309
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″Assistant Professor: September 2011 – Present
The City College of New York, and Graduate Center of The City University of New York
″ Research Fellow: September 2011 – Present
RIKEN/BNL Research Center, Brookhaven National Laboratory
″ Research Scientist: September 2010 – August 2011
Center for Theoretical Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
″ Post-Doctoral Research Associate: September 2007 – August 2010
Maryland Center for Fundamental Physics, University of Maryland.
″ Post-Doctoral Research Associate: September 2004 – August 2007
Nuclear and Particle Theory Group, Duke University.


B.A., Amherst College; M.S., University of Washington, Ph.D.

Courses Taught

Introductory Physics I: Physics Department, The City College of New York, Fall 2012.
General Physics II: Physics Department, The City College of New York, Spring 2012.
″ Graduate Quantum Mechanics I & II: Department of Physics and Astronomy,
University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill, Fall 2006 – Spring 2007.
″ Quantum Field Theory: Physics Department, Duke University, Spring 2006. 

Research Interests

Professor Tiburzi's work is focused in the areas of theoretical nuclear and particle physics, and lattice gauge theory. He seeks to understand features of the strong force: the force that binds quarks and gluons into protons and neutrons, and that ultimately gives rise to the nuclear interaction. His main quantitative tools are effective quantum field theories (chiral perturbation theory, heavy quark effective theory), and numerical field theory simulations using lattice gauge theory. Current interests include aspects of chiral symmetry breaking, and computations of the electroweak properties of the nucleon. 


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Chiral Symmetry Restoration from a Boundary
B.C. Tiburzi. Feb 26, 2013. 7 pp.
RBRC-1009, NSF-KITP-13-034
e-Print: arXiv:1302.6645 .

Lattice QCD Methods for Hadronic Polarizabilities
B.C. Tiburzi. Jan 2013. 6 pp.
Conference: C12-08-06

Charged Hadron Properties from Lattice QCD in Magnetic Fields

B.C. Tiburzi (City Coll., N.Y. & CUNY, Graduate School - U. Ctr. & RIKEN BNL), S.O. Vayl (City Coll., N.Y. & CUNY, Graduate School - U. Ctr.). Oct 2012. 15 pp.
Published in Phys.Rev. D87 (2013) 054507

Isotensor Hadronic Parity Violation
B.C. Tiburzi (City Coll., N.Y. & CUNY, Graduate School - U. Ctr. & Brookhaven). Jul 2012. 4 pp.
Published in Phys.Rev. D86 (2012) 097501

Tiburzi B C Hadronic parity violation at next-to-leading order, Physical Review D, 85, 054020 (2012).

CCNY Authors assigned: Brian C. Tiburzi

Cherman A., Tiburzi B. C. Towards understanding finite density QCD in the large Nc limit, RIKEN Accelerator Progress Report, 45 (2012).
CCNY Authors assigned: Tiburzi B. C.

Cherman A., Tiburzi B. C. The fermion sign problem at finite density, and large Nc orbifold equivalence, American Physical Society, Division of Particles and Fields Meeting, Providence, Rhode Island, USA (2011).
CCNY Authors assigned: Tiburzi B. C.

Tiburzi B. C. Lattice QCD with classical and quantum electrodynamics, Proceedings of Science, LAT2011, 20 (2011).
CCNY Authors assigned: Tiburzi B. C.

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