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Welcome to the Physics Department at the City College of New York

The Department of Physics at City College has a long tradition of distinguished faculty and students.  Many of our alumni have achieved prominence in academic, industrial and governmental physics positions; three of them, Arno Penzias, Leon Lederman and Robert Hofstadter, have won the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Today the Department continues to reflect this tradition of scientific excellence. The faculty include members of the National Academies of Sciences and National Academy of Engineering, fellows of the American Physical Society, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.  They are deeply engaged in cutting-edge research, including biophysics, high-energy physics, condensed matter and soft-condensed matter physics, ultrafast spectroscopy and photonics, to name just a few.

Physics students pursue bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees at City College.  Whether they are modeling DNA molecules, working with MRI and CAT scans, building lasers or working with computers, they are preparing for the jobs and opportunities that will dominate the 21st century.

Taking Physics Classes?

If you're in one of our physics or astronomy classes, you might need things like a lab manual, registration help, your syllabus, etc. You can find those on our page for current students. 

Physics Research?

If you're looking for one of our research groups or faculty members, please consult the research section of this site.

Thinking about a physics degree?

Here's a quick video that discusses some of the details about getting a bachelor's in physics from CCNY.

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