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Cheikhna Mahawa Diagana

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Cheikhna Mahawa Diagana


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I have been teaching at City College of New York since 2007/2008 as an Adjuct Instructor  while Prof. Edward Grossman/ Prof. Thea Pignatoro were the chairs. I received my BA/MA at City College of New York at the end of 2007. In 2010, I went to graduate school for my PhD at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences of New York University. I concentrated in Analysis, particularly Partial Differential Equation, and I am highly interested in Functional Analysis, Harmonic Analysis and Complex analysis. In 2012 Courant awarded me a MS under my two advisors Prof. Henry McKean and Prof Shatah Jalal. 


At NYU, I taught many undergraduate courses and some graduate courses such as Complex Analysis I, Real Variable and Measure Theory I, and Linear Algebra I. I have been hired as a full time lecturer at CCNY for the Fall 2017 semester. CCNY is a place that every person dreams to be since it produces a diverse and great product. I am an example of a CCNY product. I was alway happy to be at CCNY as student, happier as an Adjunct Instructor, and even more exicited as a Lecturer. It is a place that I can connect myself to all students since we share a similar background.

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