David Schmeltzer

Professor of Condensed Matter

Main Affiliation



Marshak Science Building





David Schmeltzer


Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel Physics B.S. (1980)
Technion, Haifa, Israel Physics M.S. (1981) I. Senitzky
Technion, Haifa, Israel Physics D.Sc.(1984) R. Beserman

Courses Taught

Elective Graduate Courses Taught

  •     Frontiers in Condensed Matter (Majorana Fermions, Topological Insulator)
  •     Correlated Electrons in High Tc Superconductivity
  •     Quantum Wires
  •     Quantum Field Theory for Condensed Matter Physicist
  •     Many Body Physics
  •     Statistical Mechanics (Renormalization Groups and Critical Phenomena)
  •     Solid State Physics

Elective Undergraduate Courses Taught

  •     Quantum Mechanics for Undergraduates

Research Interests

Topological Insulators,Optical and Raman conductivity for Topological Insulators

Majorana Fermions, Magnetoelectric effect, Chiral anomaly in Topological Superconductors.

Strongly correlated systems

High Tc superconductivity

Fractional quantum Hall

Mesoscopic quantum transport

Quantum Wires

Field Theories of Condensed matter (Bosonization ,Gauge fields,Tpological quantum order)

Spin-Hall effect.



Google Scholar

D. Schmeltzer and A. Saxena "Two Body interaction induced axion-phason field in Weyl Semimetals submitted to Physical Review Letters (2020)

D. Schmeltzer "Superconductivity in Graphene Induced by the Rotated Layer "Submitted to journal of Physics 2020

D. Schmeltzer "Hall Conductivity in Weyl Semimetals submitted to Physical Review B (2020)

D. Schmeltzer and A. Saxena  A tunneling current measurement scheme to observe Majorana-zero-mode-induced crossed Andreev reflection, New Journal of Physics (2019) 21,103055

D. Schmeltzer, Detecting Majorana Fermions using stress, Annals of Physics 385(2017)546-562

D. Schmeltzer, Thermal Conductance of an Edge Mode Fundamental Journal of Modern Physics (2018)

D. Schmeltzer "Weyl semimetal with a boundary at z = 0 a photoemission study" arXiv:1610:07182, Annals of Physics,396(2018)304-3171

D. Schmeltzer “Topological Insulators, Weyl Semimetals and Topological Superconductors A Transport View" arXiv:1501:06565.

D. Schmeltzer and A. Saxena "Interference effects for T2 = 􀀀1 time reversal invariant topological insulators: Surface optical and Raman conductivity P.R.B.005100,(2013)

D. Schmeltzer "Proposal for the detection of Majorana Fermions in Topological Superconductors Modern Physics (2015), 6, 1371-1379

D. Schmeltzer "A green's function approach for surface state photoelectrons in topological insulators" Journal of Condensed Matter 27, (2015) 485601

D. Schmeltzer and A. Saxena “Chiral px + ipy superconducting nanowire coupled to two metallic rings pierced by an ux,” Physics Review. B 86,094519 (2012).

Additional Information

Invited Talks

Weyl semimetals; EMN Las Vegas; Conference (October, 2016)

Topological Insulators Prague, Czech Republic; Conference (June 30,2016)

Symposium 60 year birthday for Kezerashvili at City Tech.(2017)

GRAPHENE for USA International Conference New York February 28-21 (2020)

Invitation For the Workshop on topological materials in Los-Alamos; June (2020)

A.P.S. (2020)Invited APS talk Session M05 - Bosonization of Fermi Systems - San Jose Convention Center (1995).

Top Unanswered Questions in Condensed Matter Physics - NY Academy of Sciences (November 2010).

The effect of dislocation on the possible Supersolid phase - Supersolid Conference, New York (June 2011).

The Marginal Fermi Liquid, Correlated Electrons, Buzios Brazil (July 2009). 

The non-dissipative spin-hall conductivity and the identi_cation of conserved current, 52nd Midwest Solid State Conference, Columbia, MO. October, (2005).

Spintronics - a new kind of electronics based on mesoscopic spin transport, New York State Section of the American Physical Society. October,(2004).


Professional honors


Ph.D. Dissertation Fellowship.

Lady Davis Fellowship, Hebrew University (1985).

Von Humboldt Fellowship, Max-Planck Institute (1983-1985).

Served on the Panel of top unanswered questions in Condensed Matter Physics -NY Academy of Science (June 2011)

Visiting professor at the Weitzmann Institut (Israel) Bar-Ilan University (Israel) ,

Stuttgart (Germany), Los-Alamos National (USA) Laboratory and Harvard University (USA).

I contributed a chapter in Advances in Condensed Matter and material research volume 10, pp 379-402 (2011).




1) A subcontract from Los Alamos of 8k   which ended in 2019.
2) A contract in collaboration with Peter Lemmens to D.F.G. 
3) Grant from PSC cuny  (last year 4.9k)
4) Grant Application to NSF for 2020