Ethan Akin


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Areas of Expertise/Research

  • Population Genetics
  • Topological Dynamics


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Ethan Akin


Back when dinosaurs roamed Manhattan, I was an undergraduate at City College, taking classes with Jesse Douglas, among others, and graduating in 1965. After my PhD at Princeton (1969), I taught at University of California, Berkeley from Fall, 1968 through Spring, 1970. In the Fall of 1970 I returned to City College where I have been teaching ever since, aging slightly.


1965 CUNY City College of New York - B.A. Mathematics

1969 Princeton University - Ph.D. Mathematics

Research Interests

 I work in the topological part of dynamical systems theory. Below I have posted pdf files of some introductory material describing two books, "The General Topology of Dynamical Systems" (1993) and "Recurrence in Topological Dynamics: Furstenberg Families and Ellis Actions" (1997) as well as two monographs "Simplicial Dynamical Systems" (1999) and "Dynamics of Topologically Generic Homeomorphisms" (2003). The survey of topological dynamics is my - rather idiosyncratic - view of the subject. It is in the Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science (2009).

My work in population genetics is represented by an old paper: "Cycling in Simple Genetic Systems" (1982).