Hawai Kwok

Director of Academic Programs

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Hawai Kwok


M.A., City College of New York

B.A., New York University

A.A., Borough of Manhattan Community College


  • What Research Work Tells Us

             2018, Kwok Experiential Learning Symposium, The Power of Mentoring: Fostering Inclusion, Leadership and Growth through Experiential Learning – ELO Symposium, Guttman Community College

  • Models for International Research Experiences in STEM Across CUNY

             2017, Kwok, Panelist, Global, CUNY, CCNY

  • What do 3,000 Opportunity Program Students Need to Know to Succeed: Creating and Measuring First-Year Learning Outcomes at The City University of New York

             2017, Gordon, Kwok, Suarez, Toyama, TriState Consortium-Office of Special Programs

  • Our Modern Day Probation Students-A Fresh Review for Intervention

             2017, Kwok, Thompson, April, TriState Consortium-SEEK Department, CUNY

  • CUNY SEEK/CD Tutor Talk X Conference

             2018, 2016 Committee Member, CUNY

  • What is Career Enrichment? Successful Internships & Scholarships

             2012- Present, Kwok, Current SEEK, SSSP, Psychology and XAE Students

  • First Year and Beyond, Interdisciplinary Collaboration,

             2015, Kwok, Melara, CUE Conference, CCNY

  • Hybrid Course Demystified

             2013, 2015 Kwok, Center for Excellence in Technology and Learning

  • Reframing Success: Our Role in Improving Outcomes

             2014, Psychology Department-Faculty Development Day