Herbert Weinstein

Professor Emeritus

Main Affiliation

Chemical Engineering


(212) 650-7232

Herbert Weinstein


B.E.(Ch.E.), 1955, The City College of New York. 

M.S.(Ch.E.), 1957, Purdue University.  

Ph.D., 1963, Case Institute of Technology. 

Courses Taught

High velocity fluidization, multiphase reactor analysis, biomedical engineering.  

Research Interests

Currently, the thrust in our high velocity fluidization research is experimental, taking advantage of the program's unique facility, which is built around two 25' circulating fluidized beds. Instrumentation includes a high-power industrial X-ray system for flow visualization and instantaneous solids concentration measurements. The data acquisition system is fully computerized. The aim of our work is to develop the measurement techniques needed to obtain a statistical description of the turbulence in the two-phase gas-solid flow.  

Other areas of research interest include multiphase chemical reactor analysis and biomedical engineering. The reactor analysis effort aims at more completely incorporating the structure of the multiphase flow into the reactor model. The biomedical engineering research seeks to develop analytical techniques for determining blood flow and perfusion levels in organs. Recent studies have been relevant to sexual dysfunction in diabetics.


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